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  1. I would do these to prevent PHP mail() messages...

    I would do these to prevent PHP mail() messages from being dumped in the spam:

    1. Set an SPF
    2. Enable DKIM
    3. Make sure messages are "From: " the actual domain that is sending them
    4. Most...
  2. Add breadcrumbs to /blog/ page in WordPress?

    I have WooCommerce installed with the store catalog at the root but blog posts moved to a static page /blog/. The problem now is that it doesn't display any breadcrumbs on the /blog/ page while...
  3. Fixed width expanding wider than the width?

    I'm having some HTML or CSS problem at here:

    Please hard refresh in your browser and as the website thumbnail image is being loaded, the...
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    Microsoft Freelancer

    I really enjoyed this game when I was still a child. I still do. The story line is intriguing and magnificent. It's like watching a big sci-fi movie only...
  5. Really nice web directory script. If you could...

    Really nice web directory script. If you could add business image / website thumbnail that would be much better!
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    Simple and useful. The only drawback is one has...

    Simple and useful. The only drawback is one has to create the content pages (either public or member-only) manually on the server.
  7. Wow, this one is awesome! Thank you!

    Wow, this one is awesome! Thank you!
  8. Part of post content only visible to certain usergroup?

    Is there any way I or my users can compose a post that has certain parts only visible to a chosen usergroup? For example, a post like this:

    for Visitor Not Logged In

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    Really large disk storage hosting?

    I deal databases that are usually very huge as 5GB - 20GB and I have lots of them. I probably need 1TB disk storage that is cheap and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Checked out Rackspace cloud files...
  10. vBulletin resizes uploaded attachment images too small

    vBulletin resizes the attachment images that are uploaded by user until they meet the specific requirements set at: Admin CP -> Attachments -> Attachment Manager

    There are the maximum file-sizes,...
  11. Enable visitors (Unregistered / Not Logged In) to view attachment images

    By default, vBulletin disables attachment downloads / attachment image views for all visitors that is unregistered / not logged in.

    There's time when attachment images are also part of the thread...
  12. Integrating IPS board with Magento for universal login

    It would be a tremendous user experience bless to have a universal login across various apps of my website. For now, I have a storefront of Magento and a community of IPS board. And I'm trying to...
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    The Shattering - Prelude to Cataclysm

    The Shattering - Prelude to Cataclysm

    Anyone who's a WoW (World of Warcraft) addict would find this book a good read. The plot lines are a bit less intriguing than I expected but overall I would...
  14. Magento Add New Review - "Rating isn't Available" problem

    Magento enables the administrator add product reviews in the admin control panel via: Catalog -> Reviews and Ratings -> Customer Reviews -> All Reviews -> Add New Review

    The problem is when you...
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    Show off my office


    Lovely chairs, how do you like them!

    What about your office working space?
  16. Add categories in breadcrumbs on product pages in Magento

    After some asking around and testing, I finally got categories added in the breadcrumbs of product pages in Magento even when visitors arrive directly from Google.

    Just add this snippet to the top...
  17. Problem solved. Seems it's a permission issue...

    Problem solved.

    Seems it's a permission issue because I had suPHP installed. While I did chmod everything under /forums/ to be 644 for files and 755 for folders, I didn't do so for /forums/...
  18. Unable to access sub directories / folders with Magento installed at root?

    I installed Magento at the root of my domain and I'm trying to install a forum to the sub folder at but it seems the .htaccess of Magento (located at of...
  19. Installation of IPS and multiple IPS addons for the first time overwrites files?

    I just purchased $310 worth of addons (Blog, Gallery, Nexus) and from the documention installation guide, I'm supposed to upload all addon files before running the installation.

    So I downloaded...
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    Greetings from Mars!

    Hi, Earthlings,

    I'm from Mars and I'm a Martian. First I'd like to say that yours is a great planet except if there could be more dirt and less water so that it glows in deserted redness, it would...
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    Wedding dress franchises?

    I'm a home-based entrepreneur whose primarily focus is online marketing and SEO. I'm fairly experienced in this area and have lots of websites with decent traffic. For now I'm trying to start a...
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    PayPal alternative (payment gateway)?

    I want to add an extra payment gateway for my store as I see quite some orders of the Pending Payment and Canceled status in addition to customers who emailed me saying they couldn't use their credit...
  23. Search only text files with 'find' command?

    I've been using this to search an entire directory recursively for a specific phrase in my code (html, css, php, javascript, etc.):

    find dir_name -type f -exec grep -l "phrase" {} \;

  24. Which blogging platform is the most popular / do you use?

    I think it's WordPress, right? I have nearly a hundred of blogs for a variety of purposes. Among them, I have 70 blogs on WordPress (including ones on, 20 on Blogspot and 10 on other...
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    List of safe CSS3 features?

    I'm still in the era of CSS2 for all my websites. Not sure how well supported are those CSS3 features. So I should go ahead adopting all those brand new features or should I wait? Is there any list...
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