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  1. Seems I should look into the sandbox mode of...

    Seems I should look into the sandbox mode of Twig:
  2. Twig disable certain functions / whitelist certain functions?

    We are building a system where non-developers (cheaper human resources) can easily tweak by modifying configuration files such as XML or YAML, and it would come handy to use a template system where a...
  3. INSERT Performance: 100 Stmt Separately vs. 100 Stmt in Transaction vs. Batch INSERT

    PHP PDO Statement INSERT Performance Comparison

    1 - 100 Statements Separately: Statement is prepared once and then execute() 100 times.
    2 - 100 Statements in 1 Transaction: Statement is prepared...
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    This PHP membership login script has been also...

    This PHP membership login script has been also made available for purchase separately:
  5. Buy this PHP directory script separately:...

    Buy this PHP directory script separately:
  6. You can now purchase this script separately:...

    You can now purchase this script separately:
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    Buy this script separately now at here:...

    Buy this script separately now at here:
  8. This script has been made available as a separate...

    This script has been made available as a separate purchase as well.
  9. This script has been made available for separate...

    This script has been made available for separate purchase.
  10. Safe HTML5, CSS3, SVG Features Supported (Almost) Globally

    HTML5 > 90% - Globally supported HTML5 features across clients / browsers.

    CSS3 > 90% - Globally supported CSS3 features across clients / browsers.

    HTML5 > 70% - Almost globally supported HTML5...
  11. Safe HTML5 Features Supported Almost Globally (>70%)

    Multiple file selection
    sandbox attribute for iframes - Method of running external site pages with reduced privileges (e.g. no JavaScript) in iframes.
    Session history...
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    Safe HTML5 Features Supported Globally (>90%)

    dataset & data-* attributes
    input placeholder attribute
    section, article, aside, header, footer, nav,...
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    Safe SVG Features Supported Globally (>90%)

    These SVG features can be safely implemented across browsers (more than 90%):

    Inline SVG in HTML5 - Method of using SVG tags directly in HTML documents. Requires HTML5 parser.
    Method of...
  14. Safe CSS3 Styles Supported Almost Globally (>70%)

    Method of defining a linear or radial color gradient as a CSS image.

    Flexible Box Layout Module
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    2 Steps to Modularize CSS Styles


    Modularize CSS styles for a HTML page in flexible components (HTML + CSS) that can be freely moved around without breaking anything.


    To achieve the above goal, we will do the...
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    Safe CSS3 Styles Supported Globally (>90%)

    HSLA colors

    .element {
    background: hsl(207, 38%, 47%);

    .element2 {
    background: hsla(207, 38%, 47%, .8);
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    PHP: Test Large Arrays with Large Keys



    $chars = array();
    for ($i = 48; $i < 58; $i++) {$chars[] = chr($i);}
    for ($i = 65; $i <= 90; $i++) {$chars[] = chr($i);}
    for ($i = 97; $i <= 122; $i++) {$chars[] =...
  18. The naturally persuasive 3-step "thought sequence"

    Welcome back to another 5-minute marketing tactic.

    This one focuses on understanding the logical progression of ideas your client has to go through before they commit to buying.

    Do you know...
  19. Scientific facts about why clients decide to buy (or not)

    Hey again -- I wanted to explain something from the previous email in a bit more detail.

    A lot of people I've talked to have trouble talking a client's language, because they're conditioned to...
  20. An actual example of a persuasive proposal structure

    Well, now that you have this basic knowledge about the "process of persuasion", you can start to tune your proposal-creation process to match up with it. Which means you can start to put proposals...
  21. How to "telepathically" know what your client wants to hear

    The tactic is very simple -- you just have to talk your client's language.

    The fact is, your client has a particular problem he wants to solve, which he thinks about in specific terms. And if you...
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    5-minute marketing tactic

    It's time for some 5-minute marketing tactics proven to land up to 18% more projects and 32% higher project fees.
    So that's what I'm doing :)

    Even though each tactic is quick to...
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    A surefire way to avoid closing sales

    Hey, so I've got a couple more 5-minute marketing tactics for you -- and today's is probably the simplest and quickest one I know.

    Forget 5 minutes -- some people can literally double the number...
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    Cultural differences between China and US?

    China = Government
    US = Business

    China = Peasants / Farmers
    US = Adventurers / Colonizers

    China = Earth
    US = Ocean

    China = Self-sufficient
  25. Internet Movies Database (1887-2015) - 1.5 GB MySQL Database for Download

    You can always get movies data by querying some of the online APIs such as that offered by IMDB. However, to build a responsive and versatile movies application or website, you need your own full...
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