We are looking at you as a hosting option. We have the following criteria

The Data Centre needs to be in India
We are intending to host 2 sites
Since we are into Payment Processing so the website we will be
hosting will have be e-commerce oriented and lots of transactions
The second site will be a company site and will have very few static
Our pages will be in PHP and will have mysql dbs

Now before we make up our minds, we are looking for answers to the following queries

Where is the Hosting Server - India / Another Location
Will the application and DB be hosted on the same server
Do you provider 24X7X365 Support and Server Monitoring
Will you be able to give us individual logs for the site
What are the security measures taken to secure the Database and the
Is the hosting good enough for ecommerce sites where its transaction
intensive and online payments are carried out
Since we currently have our hosting in another location, would you be
able to help us with Admin support for Service and SSL installation
How many number of sites are hosted per server
What are the backup methods employed and the retrieval time in case of a Server Crash for the application and DB both
Does it make a difference that the Domain Name is bought from different service providers, and will point to this location

We have a budget of Rs 4000.00 - 6000.00 annually for the hosting, at
the moment.
What is the best options/plan you recommend for us.


This is a hosting request from Hosting Kids. Feel free to PM me for his contact details so you can offer him your hosting packages.