This is the Cyberlink (coupons) product I have reviewed, and before trying PowerDirector 10 I was interested to see if Cyberlink had addressed any of the concerns that I had with the other two versions of this software (the ones I previously used and reviewed). It isnít often that IT companies actually listen to the views of their consumers but I have to say that this edition of the successful PowerDirector series is the best yet and packs some really great features that you normally only get when paying much more than the measly $70 the version I used commonly retails for.

When I used the predecessor to this software I noted, amongst other things, that the tech support that came with the purchase of the software was severely lacking and I am glad to see that this issue has certainly been resolved with a new tech department to help sort out any problem you may have. I never had any complaints with the performance of the previous versions but when you make a decision to purchase software you should be able to know that you are able to fix the problem with expert help if you have any. My computer repeatedly suffered a crash whilst loading certain images from my library so I emailed the tech support department quite a frustrated email asking for clarification on what the problem was. I was very surprised when they responded to my query within the same working day and gave me advice that eventually fixed the problem. Since then it has worked without a hitch. A+, Cyberlink.