I bought the Cyberlink DVF Suite after reading a lot of good things about it on my favourite tech site. The only other software I had used that I could compare it to was the old Nero suite that I had been using for a number of years. When I first got this Cyberlick version I was disappointed because the number of features it seemed to have was clearly less than what I had with Nero.

I think the biggest crime with this product is that it doesnít have any audio-editing software of any kind. This is a pretty big oversight on the part of the designers because most of the other major brands include this as standard. Despite this it still has some redeeming qualities that make it a viable option to consider if you are looking to upgrade your existing package. Firstly, the installation process is a total breeze compared to the other software I have used. When I loaded my previous Nero software on my PC it took almost two hours to complete installation, partly because the software kept causing the computer to crash.

Naturally I was expecting a similar sort of experience with this however I could not have been more wrong. Installation must have taken all of ten minutes before I was happily staring away at the menu screen and ready to go. Some critics will say that the quick installation time is due to the fact that less performance is required but I would dare to disagree on that one. Those who have used similar software to this will no doubt know the pain of having to wait an age for pages to load but not so with this. The page seems to load much faster than any other software I have used and the whole feel of it is much snazzier than others I have used.

I like how customizable it is as well. The preferences section has quite a comprehensive list of options that you can tweak to your exact specifications. For me I didnít like it when I was working on something and it would constantly prompt me to update so I changed the settings so that I now have to manually allow it to update; just a silly little thing but makes a big difference to my enjoyment of using this product. If I had to rate this product a mark out of ten, I would probably give it a strong eight. I am amazed that this software has the ability to play back Blu-ray movies as that is something that not even many other of the tech companies offer and it really is a very nice add-on to what is really quite a economical choice if you are shopping on a budget.

There really is no need to spend out extra money to get a brand you may be more familiar with. As I said the only downside is the lack of audio-editing but you still get a hell of a lot for your money.