I'm testing [this page][1] on [google page speed insights][2].

In 'Avoid bad requests' part of the 'Low priority' section there is one bad requests found by Google:


I set up redirect in .htaccess that /foo would redirect to /foo/

So this means there should be a link or href or src or something somewhere on the page that links to:


However, I don't remember I used this anywhere in the templates of princessly.com. I searched via SSH by:

find . -type f -exec grep -l "loading_img\.gif" {} \;

At document root but found nothing.

This is really weird except I changed the host name of the server from lisabuy.com to princessly.com a few months back and there used to be a file at here:


And it is now.

But how can this affect the new site princessly.com in any way, I would never have an idea....

How can I get rid of this weird 404 error? How can I find the code where princessly.com links to this file that used to on the different host domain?


[1]: http://www.princessly.com/pearlescen...ing-dress.html
[2]: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights