Most free webmaster forums are a joke. What's cheap will come cheap. Wealth doesn't come in free ways, you have to pay for it. And we are here to take it to the next level.

Silver membership is a premium membership program offered by Kavoir Backyard. This membership is a requirement for any registered user to fully participate in the forum, posting threads / replies, sending private messages, leaving visitor messages, etc.

For a one-time membership fee, members will get:

  1. Permanently dofollow links in all your posts
  2. Permanently dofollow links in your signature and profile
  3. Regularly released member-only products by Kavoir or Kavoir members.
  4. You are instantly in the higher circle of entrepreneurs and online business owners

You need to note, nonetheless, that paying a subscription doesn't necessarily give you more privileges than those of free memberships in other forums. We have zero tolerance for outright spam and will take action against any activities jeopardizing the integrity of this forum or the rights of its members. On the other hand, we are definitely fine with a few links in content you post to this forum as long as it has real VALUE; content that is knowledgeably written in good faith and NOT posted in the sole purpose of link-dropping.

You may cease your membership at any time, but we reserve the right to remove any of your content from this forum depending on the spamminess of them. Participate, give, write your heart out, and we'll sure return the favor and you have nothing to worry about.

Steps to Become a Silver Member

  1. Register an account.
  2. Go to Paid Subscription from your control panel left sidebar.
  3. Find "Silver Membership", select the "Cost", and click "Order".
  4. Pay via PayPal.
  5. Done.

You will be automatically enabled for the membership and can instantly start participating in this forum.