I want to add an extra payment gateway for my store as I see quite some orders of the Pending Payment and Canceled status in addition to customers who emailed me saying they couldn't use their credit cards via PayPal as they are denied, etc. Not just one customer, I actually got complaints from 2 in this month.

You can imagine how this makes me starting to sweat.

I know many alternative solutions such as plimus, payproglobal, etc. but these seem to be specifically geared towards software downloads with limited number of different products. To generate a specific sales page on the payment gateway, I have to explicitly create the product / item there. As I'm in the retail industry with thousands of products in my store, I can't create each and every product one by one, not to mention the prices are frequently adjusted by season and promotion, etc.

What are the PayPal alternative for non-item-specific payment solutions? So that I get to name the item name, item price, etc. in a form and send these information to the payment gateway on the fly dynamically as the buyer comes in.

I'm not based in US so I may not be able to use Google Checkout. Any other solutions?