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Thread: Magento Add New Review - "Rating isn't Available" problem

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    Magento Add New Review - "Rating isn't Available" problem

    Magento enables the administrator add product reviews in the admin control panel via: Catalog -> Reviews and Ratings -> Customer Reviews -> All Reviews -> Add New Review

    The problem is when you have only one Store View, no Visable In multi-select box would appear on the Add New Review page, thus a perpetually "Rating isn't Available" error for the Product Rating field.

    The result is NO review can be added successfully.

    The solution is to add another Store View via: System -> Manage Stores -> Create Store View

    After the creation you would have 2 store views in Magento, now go Add New Review and you would see the Visible In box where you can and will have to select at least one Store View.

    Now you should have no problem adding the new review.

    This must be a bug of Magento.
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    Thanks for sharing this tip! Compared to WordPress, Magento is a weird beast that needs to be tamed.
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