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Thread: Enable visitors (Unregistered / Not Logged In) to view attachment images

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    Enable visitors (Unregistered / Not Logged In) to view attachment images

    By default, vBulletin disables attachment downloads / attachment image views for all visitors that is unregistered / not logged in.

    There's time when attachment images are also part of the thread content that you may want the visitors to view as well.

    So how to enable visitors that are not logged in / unregistered to view attachment images in vBulletin?

    Just do this: Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Edit "Unregistered / Not Logged In" -> Check both "Can Download Attachments" and "Can See Thumbnails" to "Yes".

    That's it. Now any not-logged-in visitors can view attachment images in the post.
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    That's exactly what I did for Kavoir Backyard.
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