I ordered a $49 VPS (VPS1000) from Wiredtree around the middle of 2011. It's been great thus far. 1.5GB RAM and 150GB disk on a promotion that was going on then. Without the promotion, it would be only 1GB and 100GB. Not a bad deal for $49 per month.

However, they recently did an overhaul update or something. It was done within 1 hour of outage. A few days later, all my sites are down, couldn't even log in via SSH. After 16 hours of downtime, I contacted their support and it turned out to be an out of memory problem in MySQL. When I can log in again, I can see all sorts of out of memory errors from cpanel error logs across some of my websites.

So I logged in my box and saw that my RAM became 1GB and disk 100GB, which was obviously reverted back to the normal plan that was without the promotion I signed up for in 2011.

My theory was they upgraded their data center hardware and then re-provisioned my server according to my plan which was VPS1000 and forgot to add up the promotions (50% increase in RAM and disk). So I contacted the billing department for my server to be re-provisioned how it should be, the deal I actually signed up with in 2011.

They got back to me stating the coupon I used then was invalid (it's weird and I don't remember what coupon it was) and they seem to need some proof that my box used to be 1.5GB in RAM and 150GB in disk storage. This is a bit frustrating for me. The RAM reduction was obviously the cause of the out of memory errors that had never happend before, let alone a 16 hours down time - very rare for WiredTree.com. A deal is a deal. Even if the coupon I signed up with expires, the deal does not.

This guy has exactly the same promotion: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1143566

$45 / month is great for 1.5 GB Ram / 150GB Raid10 / 4TB BW / 4IP / Cpanel
I searched through my mail archives but couldn't find any email (welcome, technical, cpanel, etc.) that contained any information about the specs of the VPS I ordered.

So my question is how I can prove to them that my VPS had always been 1.5GB RAM and 150GB disk until they re-provisioned it? Does Linux leave any historical data or logs about the RAM and disk storage? I asked the question on serverfault as well but the answers didn't help much as I still don't know where to look for the logs:


Thus far I tried:

find /var/log -type f -exec grep "RAM" {} \;
find /var/log -type f -exec grep "memory" {} \;

But found nothing about the RAM. Any help would be appreciated.