Hey, so I've got a couple more 5-minute marketing tactics for you -- and today's is probably the simplest and quickest one I know.

Forget 5 minutes -- some people can literally double the number of sales they make in 30 seconds with this.

You'll have noticed in the last email, where I talked about proposal structure, there was a section at the end of the proposal outline called "Next Steps". This is critical for closing more deals -- and btw, it doesn't just apply to proposals.

For example, every single page on your website should include basically the same kind of idea. On a website, it's a "call to action".

But whatever you want to call it, it is essentially what in sales is called the close.

You have to give your prospect a very clear, easy way to take the next logical step in the sales sequence.

On your site, that might be anything from learning more about your services, to submitting an online inquiry or signing up for a lead-gen offer.

In a project proposal, it's even more critical -- because you've gone through all the trouble of identifying your customer's problem, drafting a solution, pricing it for them...basically you've invested a fair amount of time and money (because time *is* money) in getting to the point of asking them to buy.

So whatever you do, DO NOT forget to *ask them to buy*!

You want to directly ask them to take the next step -- and let them know precisely how to do that. It's got to be clear, simple, straightforward -- easy.

Because...well, this might sound harsh, but your client is extremely lazy. (I'm not ragging on them -- we're *all* lazy!) But...you probably don't realize just *how* lazy.

It's easy to give too much credit to your customers.

In the perfect world of your imagination, they read your awesome proposal, become convinced you can solve their problem, and immediately pick up the phone to excitedly close the deal. But...in the real world...they read your awesome proposal and they *are* convinced. Then they forget to call. And they definitely forget to print it out, sign it, scan it, email it back, and mail you a check!

So when you call or email a few days later to follow up, they've forgotten how awesome your proposal was. They're just not excited like they were...and that is where a lot of deals get lost.

And it *is* a lot -- our research shows about 18% of projects (nearly one in five) are lost if you're not using a very simple mechanism when you make your call to action.

It's something Amazon patented in 1999.

One-click buy.

You may not be Amazon, but you can definitely use a similar 1-click call to action in your proposals. All you have to do is abandon the world of paper and PDFs, and switch to using online proposals instead.

Which, btw, saves you heaps of time and effort too.

Then, you make your call to action a giant button that prospects can click to accept your proposal. It sounds like such a small thing to do. Yet the impact is just huge. Online proposals are accepted 60% faster than traditional ones, and they’re 18% more likely to be accepted overall.

Makes sense when you think about it.