Welcome back to another 5-minute marketing tactic.

This one focuses on understanding the logical progression of ideas your client has to go through before they commit to buying.

Do you know where they are in that progression? What you should say at this exact point of their "journey" to keep them moving forward?

This is something many businesses get wrong at various points.

For instance, I've already mentioned how you need to show your client that you understand their problem. But that alone won't convince them to buy. You also have to show them that you have the solution. But...*that* alone won't convince them to buy either! Because they need to know how much it will cost before they can make a decision.

As a general rule, all marketing material should follow this fundamental thought sequence:

Problem --> Solution --> Price

If you get this out of order -- talk about the wrong thing at the wrong time -- or if you just forget to talk about one of these at all, you generally find your sales tanking off.

And of course, fixing the problem can produce big lifts in sales quite easily.

So it's worth checking if any of your marketing material is talking about, say, price before the solution. Or the solution before the problem. (For instance, if you have a webpage that talks about the problem, does it lead very clearly to another page that talks about the solution and the price...?)

One place I've noticed this thought sequence is often neglected is in proposals.

We use the problem > solution > price model fairly naturally on websites (mostly), but for some reason in proposals we forget. But doing so *greatly* increases your chances of it being accepted -- because it is structured to reflect the logical sequence of ideas your prospect has to go through to make a proper buying decision.

This means it naturally persuades -- your proposal goes from being a technical document, to a persuasive one.