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    I was just wondering if someone could help with a html problem.
    I have a website with a form, when someone fills the form it calculates a percentege automatically after pressing next, on the next page the calculation will appear on page. For exemple someone will put 100 in the form and next page will appear 75. It`s a 25% off the value.

    This information is then sent to my email. However, when I recieve the completed form now, I am getting all of the answers but not all of the questions that go with them.
    This is a problem because I send the completed form information to investors who need to know what the answers are about, so it's important that the completed form is sent with both questions and answers.

    So, yesterday I opened my html form file and started putting the question in a way that could go to my email as well.

    One of the questions not being recieved was: "is there a garden?" (I was only recieving "Garden" but not the whole question)

    I did something like this. <select id="combo_93" name="Is&nbsp;there&nbsp;a&nbsp;garden?" size="1">

    Note: I was already receiving in my emails(garden)from the question. I only added (Is there a) and added the &nbsp as space.

    Result: After that my calculation is not working anymore.
    I don't know what to do.

    Can someone help me please?


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    Can you post the code of the entire page?

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