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Thread: Companies Marketing Unhealthy Foods and the Role of Parents

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    Companies Marketing Unhealthy Foods and the Role of Parents

    Although you see many people paying attention to their diet and eating habits, there is still a big room for improvement. You can still find people who are living on junk food and have absolutely no information of how this habit could ultimately harm them. The real issue is to keep children from eating these packaged and processed food items. One good thing is that many companies are made to call off their advertising campaigns where they sell unhealthy foods to kids.

    This is an encouraging step for sure, but it is still extremely important for parents to oversee what types of marketing messages their kids are seeing. If you are a nutrition-wise parent, you need to pay attention to different marketing messages. For instance, a company may have no issues with the amount of sugar available in each serving of breakfast cereal they sell, but many parents would never choose it for their kids. In addition, different companies have different guidelines, so it is still the responsibility of parents to ensure that their kids are eating right stuff.

    Being a parent, you should also understand that several factors influence children’s food choices, like what their parents eat and bring into the house, what their siblings and friends eat, what is served at school, and of course, what is marketed by companies on TV. Therefore, parents shouldn’t relax just by hearing the fact that manufacturers are not going to promote unhealthy foods. You’d still find your kids getting exposed to different marketing messages in movies. Though movie product placement is taken as subliminal advertising, it can still provoke your kids to start eating something that comes with questionable nutritional value.

    The fact of the matter is that parents have a big role to play in bringing the rates of childhood obesity down. Currently, it’s a big issue, and marketing messages flashing on TV or in movies are making things harder. They are marketing fast food, sugary cereals, candy, and snack foods in such a way that kids find them attractive and start thinking about trying them once. Therefore, parents should know what sorts of marketing messages their kids are being exposed to, or else the issue of childhood obesity will never get resolved.

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    Very nice post really.I'm agree that companies give advertisement to the food that are not good for the human being.And there is the big role of parents also for having the kids non healthy food.Parents should gave children good diet in the flavor that children want but it should be full of Proteins and vitamins and other important components that are necessary for the development of children.
    So parents should take care that what children are eating and what they should eat.

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