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Thread: What does Normal Eating Mean?

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    What does Normal Eating Mean?

    If you spend time learning more about what normal eating consists of you may find yourself confused by what you find. The definition is too blurry to be easily understood. It is surrounded by different buzzwords like “restriction”, “diet”, “flat abs”, and “will power” so it is hard to get a clear idea of what normal eating is about. The simple fact is normal eating is in direct correlation to people and we know how varied the human race is so that means that normal eating is also, in the same way, varied.

    Today, different people have different thoughts about health, diet, and nutrition. Considering the fact that there are too many obese people around you, it is easy to start taking this as the norm and falling into becoming similar, even if your body weight is, now, normal.

    Mainstream media has a lot to do with this mindset, as this is where people hear about restricting their diet and counting calories to stay in good shape. Everything is promoted and applauded in such a way that it feels like you need to be a scrupulous detective who always counts calories and pays special attention to nutritional labels, in order to lose weight. You are always also encouraged to get some microscopic plates to manipulate yourself into eating less.

    However, if you talk about normal eating, this is something entirely different to what you hear in the media. Normal eating is about following three principles: The first one is to eat foods that make you feel good. If you like a steak, you can have it every now and then. If you take pizza as your favorite treat, you can have it! If you love risotto and take colorful salads as your idea of heaven, then don’t stop yourself from eating these food types. Similarly, if you take eating sugar as a recipe for depression or ‘fake’ processed foods as your guilty pleasure, it’s okay to eat them but knowing that having them as the basis of your diet is not healthy nor a way to maintain a healthy ‘normal’ weight.

    The second principle of normal eating is to eat what you really want. There will be a difference in what you eat today and what you want to eat tomorrow or what you eat in winter and what you want to have in summer. Normal eating makes you understand that you can eat some part of something today and eat it again tomorrow. Just don’t let the craving develop just by pushing yourself too hard to stay clear of the foods you want to eat.

    The third principle is to enjoy your food. It is not something to be ashamed of that you love food. If you feel happy and eat sensibly without trying too hard to keep yourself from eating something, you will be fine!
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    Normal eating means eating light foods and don't having Non Veg.Taking Fruits and maximum of Proteins and Vitamins and other necessary elements from different eating products.Taking food at the time.

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    hey i am new here, according to me normal eating means eating natural food at proper time with nutrition required for our body.

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    Every one seems to say eat normal food ... what are normal food ?

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