Where to Start

Golf is a game that has its origins back to the 15th century. It is played by both men and women and remains as popular as ever. If you are looking to take up golf, it may appear daunting due to the amount of skill required to play successfully and the cost of the equipment used; you should not let that deter you.

There are many courses available that offer breathtaking views and well maintained, manicured greens just waiting for you to come and enjoy them. Many golf courses come equipped with golf pro shops that will sell all of the items you may need - from golf tees right up to a full set of tailored clubs. Golf courses usually offer lessons with experienced trainers who will be able to fully verse you in the art of the perfect swing and help you perfect your own style.

The Basics - What is Golf?

A standard sized golf course consists of eighteen holes on which you are required to navigate your golf ball around by using the different clubs in your golf set. For each hole around the course there will be a “par” specified. A par refers to the number of hits to the ball that it should take you get the ball safely in each hole. On a typical course, there will be a range of pars and players are rewarded if they successfully use less than the specified number of swings; if they end up having to use more swings than the designated amount then that player is penalised and points added to their score.

Part of the skill of golf is being able to accurately determine which type of club should be used for each particular shot and what level of power should be used to swing the club. Unfortunately, this skill can only really be perfected by practise and through trial and error, although lessons with a skilled golfer may increase the speed with which you improve.

Taking It Further

After becoming familiar with the rules of golf and becoming more competent with your game it may be worth considering joining a local golf course to get the most out of your new hobby.

Prices can vary from course to course depending on the size and style of the course but many places do offer introductory rates throughout the year to entice new members. One of the benefits of becoming a member of a course is that you are able to get your ability properly measured by registering your handicap. A “handicap” is the system by which a player’s ability is calculated over a course by monitoring the number of total shots over par that are used to complete the game. Handicaps are only a fixture for amateur players as professional golf players are able to complete a course less strokes than the total amount allowed and so have no handicap to fall back on.

Ideally, you would want to practice in as many golf courses as possible. Find relevant information about all US golf courses. It's a database of all the courses in US.