Seeking the sunshine, I came to this world. Seeking for him, I went to Barcelona.

I am not going to mention the beautiful beach and sunshine in Barcelona, even not the exciting bullfight or the cheerful flamenco. I am not willing to compliment the artistic Rambla Street or Olympic village. I am not giving any more glances to the fresh and green grass and palm trees. Museums, monuments, churches, theatres and royal gardens couldn’t get any of my attention. I just want to visit the Sagrada Familia to see its marvellousness and magnificence. I want to stroll around Park Guell to feel its gorgeous fairyland. I just want to enjoy his magical masterpieces used of catenary curve and ruled geometrical forms such as the hyperbolic paraboloid, the hyperboloid, the helicoid and the cone, which reflect the forms he would find in nature. Yes, thousands-of-mile seeking, day and night, just for him. Just like I did for someone else at Macau.

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He was one of a boilerman’s five children, reticent and reserved from his childhood, who could just observed a snail for the whole day but couldn’t feel any boring. He graduated from Barcelona Architecture School, unsociable, poor in his grade but professional painter. He was unmarried, poor dress with big mustaches as beggar. He always forgot to eat. Even his college principle couldn’t tell whether he was a fool or a genius. He was Antonio Gaudi i Cornet.

Although eccentric, he was sensitive with invisible tensive strength. Noble and innocent spirit was covered by his shabby coat. His passion and creative conceptions for nature were always rushing out. I sought for my answers so hard but still couldn’t figure out. How did he skillfully combine modern, nature and artifact together, making it clumsy but refined, simple but extravagant, rounded but sharp? How did he dexterously use the hyperbolic paraboloid, the hyperboloid, the helicoid and the cone with multiple colors to show his concepts? And how did this insane overthrow the original architecture pattern of European, turning Barcelona a fantastic and romantic kingdom? Is Sagrada Familia the work of an insane, or the gift from God? Is it the coincidence of the life miracle, or the inevitable production of a genius? Who can fully understand his unparalleled masterpieces and read his whole life? Who can just exceed his achievement?

I was so crazy about his Sagrada Familia. I raise my head for the four conical cloud-kissing towers with 105-meter height. I just couldn’t see the statues on the top even I would have my neck broken. I was told that just angels could see them. Humans are just as little as sands to this great church. I gave up and turned my eyes to the exquisite engravings. It completely took my heart.

Walking along the sinuous path of Park Guell, I quietly chose a comfortable snaky bench to sit. Watching the fairy candy house, I almost believed that I was the Snow White in the woods. I loved the multicolored lizard at the mosaic dragon fountain at the first sight. I loved its flamboyance. They all loved it. How much I wanted to whip off them who were around it and just went to its arm with my gallant smile! I finally found him. He was watching and smiling. He had been living in his little fairy house all the time. Gaudi dressed up Park Guell the most beautiful girl in this world, and then he didn’t love other girls. He watched her for his whole life and till now.

I seemed to know more about him. Artists do not need monuments erected for them because their works are their monuments. He created the most magnificent architecture with the cheapest materials. He sent every passers-by back to their childhood by his blood and his work, which come from the great books of nature and his innocent heart. I suddenly understand that it is God’s idea to make him unique to this world.

Next stop, Hawaii!