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Thread: Review: Wix, Webs, Weebly and Yola Compared

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    Review: Wix, Webs, Weebly and Yola Compared

    This article is a review of 4 Web 2.0 free blog websites. The ones we checked out were the following WIX (, Webs (, Weebly (, and Yola (

    We only used their FREE blog type of setup, but each one of them also provides you the ability to create far more extensive sites, but of course they are going to charge you for it. Years ago, there used to be many more of these types of websites around.

    But, their business model at the time, which was either making money by selling advertising, or by putting Google Adsense on the pages that you created, did not work out as they planned. So, there are quite a few less of them now, and many of them have switched to trying to get their users to pay some kind of fee for the service that they provide.

    The great thing about these types of sites is that they are FREE. The terrible thing about these types of sites is that they are FREE. Since they are free, you do not own the content, and you do not own the URL. Because of that, they can just delete your site anytime that they wish.

    This has happened to many internet markets in the past, and you can be absolutely sure that it will happen in the future. These sites also have been downgraded in the eyes of Google, and are receiving far less traffic than they used to.

    In fact, one of the most influential and largest ones, which a great deal of people totally hated, HubPages, actually had the audacity to send a letter to Google asking them why they lost so much traffic. Much to everybody’s surprise, Matt Cutts Google’s search engine supernatural being even responded.

    Then, if you can believe it or not, HubPages actually published his letter on the internet. Not a wise move, and it should come to nobody surprise if their traffic decreases even more because of this poor judgment.

    Review #1 - Yola ( – Out of the 4 we tried out, we like Yola the best. In less than 10 minutes we were able to create a website with a URL that was relevant to our money site. They have a lot of really neat and easy to use buttons that did not take too long to get the hang of to edit the text, insert pictures, links, or videos.

    What we did not like about it, was that you could only create like 7 pages with the free version. In addition, each and every spot that you could enter text, you were limited to a paragraph or less.

    Review #2 - Webs ( – Our second place winner, how nifty of us to call it review #2, was Webs. Once again, we were able to set up a site with a URL that benefited our money site in less than 10 minutes. Webs operating system is not quite as sophisticated as Yola’s, but it was not too difficult to get the hang of it.

    Also, Webs does not limit the amount of text that you have on a page, so it is possible to insert an entire article quickly and easily. You can also insert pictures, links, and videos. All in all, not so bad.

    Review #3 - Weebly ( – Weebly used to be an extremely popular site years ago. But, they were one of those whose business model failed and deleted a great deal of their user’s content.

    Now, they limit the number of URL’s you can create, and then attempt to charge you $50 a year for 10 additional URL’s that you do not own. It is recommended that you stay away from this option, because who knows when they will change their minds again, and start deleting sites.

    Their interface is fairly straightforward, and you can create a site in less than 10 minutes. They also allow you to enter as much text on a page as you would like, which is good.

    Review #4 - WIX ( – First, let us say, we did not get a confirmation email from them and wasted 10 minutes setting up our site. It was not until we tried to save it and publish it, did we get a warning that we have to hit the confirmation link.

    Anybody with a brain, would of programmed the site so that you had to hit the confirmation link, before you started developing your page and wasting your time.

    Then when we tried to login, and put in the username and password we created, it would not take it. So, this site looks like it is closed down, closing down, or trying to figure out a new business model that will work for them.

    Find more reviews of Wix.

    We did create a site using their tools, and it was fairly easy. But, if you do decide to check them out, make sure that they send you an email, before you waste your time building a site.

    These types of websites do have a place on the internet for certain types of people, which are kids that want their first websites, somebody that does not have any money, or to be used as they mainly are now, by internet markets to get backlinks to their money pages.

    Whatever you do, do NOT, let us repeat that, do NOT spend a great deal of time and money creating sites on these Web 2.0 blogs. Who knows how long they are going to be around, and who knows when they will decide that they do not like your material, and just delete it completely.
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