This is write-up and message follow-up by Neil Patel from Quick Sprout. He's a very successful entrepreneur who's making millions of dollars yearly. Can you believe that he's just 26 years old?

========= by Neil Patel =========

Last email I mentioned the "3 Big Mistakes" I see so many people make. Well, it's time you learn what they are and how to crush them.

Especially mistake #3 in particular.

Anyway, one of the things people find amazing about my strategies and ideas is that they're simple. They're simple to implement. Simple to execute. Simple to keep going. It doesn't take a programmer. It doesn't take any software wizardry. It doesn't even have to take full knowledge of social media.

All it takes is a willingness to reach out and connect with your prospects... with your leads... with your constituents... With whoever you want to make a difference with.

That's the key -- whoever you want to make a difference with. Notice I didn't say "reach out to everyone." Lots of people believe that if they had 100,000 visitors to their site every month they could make a ton of money. Not true.

Your success is only partially dictated by how much traffic you get. The other half of the equation is the quality of your traffic. This is much more nuanced than most people ever get.

And that's Mistake #1: They go for large quantities of traffic instead of focusing on quality.

Getting a hundred thousand and even a million visitors a month to website isn't hard, but most of those visitors won't convert. It's all about getting quality visitors who are interested in your product, service, blog, or whatever it is that you have to offer. While this won't give you sexy traffic numbers, it WILL give you very profitable traffic numbers... which I much prefer.

Let's go to the real world for an example.

Imagine you run a mechanic shop. Who would you rather talk to:

100 people who own cars... or 10 people whose cars are broken down on the side of the road right now?

Clearly, the people with the broken cars would be better prospects for your business. If you got in front of those 10 people, it would be super easy to turn them into customers. And get this, you'll also convert them much more easily, quickly, and affordably than those 100 regular car owners.

Chances are, your competitors are going after those "100 people with cars" in your market.

While they're wasting their time getting that lousy traffic... you could be spending a fraction of the time and making multiplied profits by focusing on the highest QUALITY traffic in your niche.

That's how I rose up so quickly in the blogsphere to have the Wall Street Journal call me a "Top Influencer of the Web." Before I wrote my articles, I already knew WHO in the community I needed to impress to become well known. And then I figured out the crucial 2nd step -- how to attract their attention.

When it comes to growing your traffic and influence, it's not about who you know. It's about who knows you.

You need to know how to find and then get noticed in the crucial conversations happening in your market. Whether you want to attract the attention of experts or customers in your niche, it's all the same.

Action Step: who is your ideal prospect? What fears, problems, and hopes does he or she have? Where do they hang out? Once you answer these simple questions you will know 1) your best traffic sources and 2) what content to produce to get their attention so they come to your site.

Mistake #2: People have a tendency to throw money at their traffic problems.

Yes, money can buy you traffic... but it's not the best long-term solution. You need to work on optimizing for search engines, building up your social media presences, and even building up your blog. Think about both long term and short term strategies as those long term strategies are very effective and affordable compared to just spending all of your money on pay per click ads.

Money isn't going to buy you *repeat* traffic. It's going to get you 1 chance to impress 1 visitor enough to subscribe to your newsletter or buy your products. That's super hard.

But what if that person voluntarily came back to your site repeatedly? Now you have tons of opportunities to convert that person (who already likes you) -- which multiplies your chances of success. If you're in business for the long term, this is the way to go.

Perhaps you've heard of Google algorithm updates hurting websites' organic rankings.

Well, chances are you're not running the type of "content farm" site that would be impacted by these updates. If you're producing good content, if you are steadily using your relationships (and other strategies I'll share) to get links, Google won't be able to touch you because everything you've done is totally legit.

(I don't have the space here to get into full details of "google proofing" your site, but if you're super interested in that I cover this step by step for my premium clients).

And the best part about long term organic rankings like this is the traffic is steady and predictable. If you get 1000 hits from a term this month, you'll probably get about a 1000 hits next month, too. And that traffic will also be of similar quality, so you can count on steady conversions -- and steady income as well. I don't know about you, but I love knowing I can count on a steady income each month.

Action Step: think about the "traffic assets" you can build. Write down who in your niche you should build relationships with -- so you can ask for guest posts and links later on.

Mistake #3: The last big mistake people make is they think if they pop up a blog within time it will get popular if they have good content.

And although this works sometimes, it doesn't most of the time. You need to network with other bloggers, create partnerships and spend MORE time promoting your content than you spend writing it.

After you do this for a few months you can focus more on the content writing, but you need to focus on building relationships with other bloggers at the early stages.

I realize this flies in the face of conventional wisdom and what the average blogger will tell you. But I'm assuming you don't want average results. This is one of those unconventional tactics that gets you unconventional amounts of traffic.

People see a site like Copyblogger that has a lot of traffic and try to reverse engineer it -- they see it has lots of links, traffic, and articles... and then they think that's what they need to do.

What they don't realize is what's happening in the background -- how many relationships someone like Brian (the owner of Copyblogger) have (or any other high-traffic site), how much time he's spent doing favors for and helping others.

Since he spent all that time building relationships in the background, anytime Brian comes out with a new product or article he can email his contacts to get a ton of links and have it plastered all over the web.

Action Step: review how much time you spend strategically promoting your content right now. What are your goals? Get the attention of experts? Get more customers? Review your answers from Action Steps #1 and #2 and now think about how you can promote your content to those targets.

Why are these mistakes so common?

People tend to make these mistakes because in most cases they're just mimicking what others are doing. However, what works for someone else, even if they are in your space, won't always work for you.

Like I said last email, that's why you can't rely on blogs to teach you the techniques that will truly make a difference for you. Why would someone share their best stuff with their competitors for free... when you can keep it secret and get people to pay you a ton of money to do it for them?

I'm no longer in the SEO consulting game (I'm building more automated businesses like KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg)... which is why I'm now willing to share my best stuff.

I thought about simply blogging it, but then decided against it. I'd rather share it with people focused on ACTION, which is why I only share this stuff with my email list. It's like an "inner circle" so to speak

What you learn here is better than anything you'll find on blogs. But I'll be honest, I've saved my absolute best stuff (the top 1% of material) for my premium clients.

It's for the folks who are super serious about their business and willing to invest in themselves to leap forward. I have ultra respect for anyone who is motivated enough to continue investing in their own education.

In fact, all the best business people I know do this... and it's with them I'll share the stuff I keep "closest to my chest."

It took me the better part of 2 years to put this program together in a way where it would be simple for you to take action on.

So go to the URL below and check it out. If you've made it this far, I have a sneaky suspicion you'll do really well with it...

Talk soon,