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Disposable Face Masks & Isolation Gowns against COVID-19 for Kavoir Readers

I truly hope this email finds you well.

I know how it’s inconvenient and scary without any protection against the COVID-19 virus. For the past month, we’ve been trying very hard to get some surgical face masks and now I’m relieved to say we have secured one of the best sources of medical masks production in China, certified by CE and FDA.

Therefore I’m writing this quick and simple post, so in case you need any, you can head to our new store, to get some masks for your family and closed ones.

Order the face masks:

Both of these are of the same production and quality, priced at $39.95 per 50 PCS. Feel free to share them with anyone who would probably need them.

Isolation gowns:

That’s all for this one. Be sure to exercise, eat veggies, sleep early and rise early. See you after this! God bless you!