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Reducing Bounce Rate, A Quick How and Why

It is vital to have a web presence in today’s digital world. With the large availability of high speed internet providers, it is also crucial to provide content that gets the attention of the visitor right away and makes them want to stay on the site.

Bounce rate is the amount of “single page” visits a site receives and this number must always remain low. The following list outlines ways for a site owner to reduce bounce rate and improve chances for success.

Focused Content

Site visitors will not be inclined to stick around if the content is not focused. It is better in the long run to choose a niche and write about it well rather than be more general and aim for hits. Also, the content should be based in fact and not opinion. The audience can always tell the difference and will also want to see facts backed up with evidence.

Post Presentation

The way a topic itself is presented in a post can make or break a site. The reader’s attention must be engaged from the first word or that person will not stay. Good presentation not only reduces bounce rate but also encourages the visitor to promote the site to friends or other interested parties. Word of mouth is the best advertising and it is free.

The right approach to presentation also promotes engagement through comments, subscribing to the site and sharing the link on social media. A high level of engagement can improve search engine ranking, as well, as site statistics improve with each visitor that doesn’t leave the site.

Good Navigation

Any website can be the most beautiful on the internet but if it does not have proper navigation, it will fail. Inability to find what is needed quickly is one of the top contributors to a high bounce rate. It is frustrating for both the visitor and site owner.

Let’s discuss some benefits of reducing bounce rate.


Keeping visitors on a site can result in higher conversions for things such as sales, services, signups, downloads, etc. This can translate to greater PPC, as well. Offering digital downloads is a simple and convenient way to deliver goods, especially with most people using high speed internet providers.

Content Sharing

As discussed above, presentation is king and will encourage sharing of content. A link shared on Facebook or Twitter has the potential to go viral and lead to a huge increase in traffic. This in turn can translate into more conversion and more sharing. Proper presentation is invaluable and can only build upon itself.

Search Engine Ranking

A harsh truth about web presence is if a site isn’t well placed in the search engines, it can struggle to be noticed. Search engines can ultimately take into account a site’s bounce rate during indexing. This is why keeping the bounce rate low is so vital.

The online world is a very competitive place and this is especially true when running a website or blog. Taking some very simple steps to create an interesting presence will go a long way toward long term popularity and profitability.

Blake Sanders is a writer of news and information on high speed internet providers at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert. He also specializes in wireless internet, cell phones, and other technical news.


Note: Photo courtesy of Alaskan Dude via FlickR Creative Commons.

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Some random thoughts on personal / business development

personal developmentMaking sense is NOT what I’m known for. You are warned.

Success is a shadow of rarity. Try to be rare before you try to be successful.

99% of the people takes whatever they can while 1% gives whatever they can. 1% is a rarity. So they are 100 times more likely to get what they want than the 99%.

The idea of owning something is the source of suffering. It worries you and occupies your mentality, keeping you from achieving more because you are afraid to lose the things you have earned.

One should not try to own something. Owning or getting something such as wealth should not be the overall goal of his or her endeavors. Instead, one should try pushing the limits.

Want to be more financially successful? Don’t think of target numbers, but think about these questions – Why am I limited at where I am now? Why are the few others so ahead of me? What can be done to lift that limit and go farther? What can be done to be more productive or more creative? – And answer these questions by very very specific answers.

For example, I worry that one day I would lose the revenue streams of the many sites I created in the last 4 years, so I spent considerable time each week maintaining and promoting them. While results are slightly better and better by month, it’s ultimately not exponential growth which you would need to be a billionaire. It’s just a linear growth. Linear growth would only get you a millionaire at the best.

And this LIMITS me. It keeps me from getting better.

While these old sites occupy large portions of my schedule, I can’t concentrate enough on projects with “better outlook”. AND because I am dedicating my time to so many different projects at the same time, hardly any of them would eventually roll into an exponential growth at all because none of them are good enough to hit critical mass.

Even worse, it costs a lot when you multi-task.

It’s hard to give up on something you’ve been working so hard to build, because you are emotionally attached to it. It produces little yet you hold it dear.

Stop! Don’t get married to your projects. Move on, when you find out the niche isn’t as good as you thought it would be.

So I found one of the things that are limiting me – multi-tasking on too many projects at the same time. And my solution to this is: I’ll concentrate on one project at a time from now on.

Caring too much about the results would lead you to “copy” what the successful guys are doing, which is exactly what you don’t want to do if you don’t want to be mediocre.

You can do much better when you don’t care about the results than when you do.

Only when you lose you grow.

“Do one thing good, so the rest doesn’t suck. ”

(This line was from one of the movies. Can’t recall the title though.)

There is NO such thing as a saturated niche.

Be stubborn. Don’t seek advice. People are stupid. Don’t listen to them. Do what you think is right. Fail? So what!!

Take care.

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Thesis Theme Review – Don’t just create good products but irresistable ones.

Merely good product is far from enough. To rake in profits in the magnitude vast majority of us can only dream of, you need an irresistible product – just like Thesis Theme. Think of something you’ve purchased that’s been insanely useful, beautiful and user friendly and then double it.

iPhone has proved it all. It converts massive numbers of mobile users and introduces a grand new era of mobile computing. The best part is that it easily compels all the users who now desire more to put everything Apple releases in future on their must-buy list. I can’t think of anything else in the IT world in the past decades that has come up even close. The products have not been released nor announced yet. However, that’s the kind of appeal irresistible products create.

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It’s not your business, it’s who you are

stack overflow With a Quantcast world traffic rank of less than 1000, Stack Overflow has become the most visited website for developers and software engineers. It doesn’t require a genius to figure out that the site is raking in tremendous advertisement revenues while the full potential of its monetizing capacity hasn’t been unleashed yet because the creators decided that the user experience comes a much higher priority.

The site currently serves 6 million monthly unique visitors. Microsoft MSDN has less traffic. Consider the community nature of the whole Q&A application, the total number of page views should be appalling.

Yet it is merely up for a year and a half.

Joel and Jeff are the top at what they do, plus a little marketing twist. They are the best in the industry and they know their business inside out. People follow them, not just people but really smart people just like them who know a hell lot about how to get things done the right way. That’s the kind of critical mass Stack Overflow enjoyed at the launch to quickly embark on an exponential growth pattern. Quality start. It then took off by unstoppably producing insanely useful content every minute of every day, which you literally can’t find anywhere else on the Internet. These are detailed, sensible answers from friendly, experienced programmers who are thirsty to help you out, usually within 10 minutes of you asking the question.

How can Google not love the content? How can the users not love the site? How can it not succeed? If it weren’t Joel and Jeff who themselves are software heroes, how can Stack Overflow ever take off so quickly let alone attracting the smartest of the world’s programmers to passionately create content for it?

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Email Marketing Statistics and Optimization of Open / Click Rates

Email Marketing Metrics Report A quick post to share with my readers some interesting findings regarding email marketing. Outlined by the ninth bi-annual Email Marketing Metrics Report by MailerMailer, these data is based on 300,000 email messages dispatched over a period of 6 months that ended on December 31, 2008. Here are some key statistic discoveries from the report that can be used to optimize your email marketing campaigns and improve the results.

Open rate – the overall unique open rate of the email messages was 12.52%, a slight decline from the previous 6 months.

Click rate – 2.8% which held steady throughout the year of 2008.

Best day to send – Monday had the highest open rate and click rate; weekends and the beginning of the week outperforms other days.

Subject line length – emails with a subject line shorter than 35 characters were opened more than those with a longer subject line.

Personalization – while personalizing the message body gets more opens and clicks, personalizing only the subject line decreases them.

Number of recipients – messages delivered to small and medium lists have far greater open / click rates than ones delivered to lists with more than 1,000 subscribers.

I personally haven’t tapped into email marketing yet and the 12.52% average open rate was way below what I thought it would be, which may be because of the trends in email clients disabling automatic image download by default. It’s both interesting and useful to know that we should send out important email newsletters on weekends or Monday and try to make the subject lines not so cumbersome to garner more opens and clicks.

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Being simple as a bless for development cost

Usefulness is the king; and it doesn’t have to be complex. One of the premium rules of project management is to never add a feature without seeing any substantial demand for it. Whatever it is, any additional feature is a burden to the system and a cost of time, both growing exponentially.

While many of them may seem indispensable at first glance, in the long run you will be convinced that they are actually not. In fact, 80% of the features of 80% of the software in the market can be eliminated with few user complaints. The benefits you gain by removing lesser userful features, such as faster loading, better responsiveness and greatly reduced learning curve for users are far more favorable than the features themselves. Not to mention the hardened and accelerated project cycle that’s going to pose less risks to your budget and team because it has been shortened to just one third of the original.

Ideas can be thus much more quickly implemented and tested in public. Small overheads for all projects until you see solid potential of some of them by user acceptance and positive feedback. It is then when you invest more into the selected projects and try to grow them from average simplicity to great simplicity.

Unnecessary sophistication is the number one sign of a novice. Use no more than 3 colors (preferrably black, white and a toner) designing your first web page and no one can tell if you’ve just started learning it or you are an experienced hand. On the contrary, beginners use as many colors as possible across the spectrum before even thinking about the compatibility and actual need for them. They don’t know what’s important that should come first. They simply go with their god damn poor instincts and put everything that randomly comes on their mind into the whole thing.

Being simple is simply to keep the most important stuff and peel off everything else.

The last thing you want do when designing an application or data model, is to blindly make assumptions for users, add new features by dreaming of your own and appear amateur, resulting in a super complex system hard to learn and use as well as features that the users don’t actually need that badly (which you naively believe they do!).

Always start a project by unequivocally hitting the point – why would the users want to use your product? The very first feature is your answer. And that’s it.

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Web Hosting IP and SEO: Are You A Slum Dog or Are You A Millionaire?

I don’t know for sure how Google takes the web hosting IP into account of determining your website’s ranking position, but I’m sure they do take that in consideration, albeit not so significantly as a maker or a breaker.

Most of my sites are currently on DreamHost and every time I register a new domain, make a grand new website with original home page content and submit it to Google, I have to wait like 2 weeks to a month or so to get indexed, even after I have linked the new site from one of my most powerful pages.

For one reason or another, I decided to give it a try with another hosting company, Rackspace Cloud. I have been with them for nearly a month now and everything’s been smooth and pleasant, no downtime that I can experience of.

The most exciting part is, however, that after submitting all 3 freshly registered domains (which I’m sorry that I can’t disclose) with 3 blank home pages that are not even HTML, containing just a string text of the domain, to Google, they all got indexed in less than 3 days.

The home pages don’t even have a title and I never bothered to link to them either. Strange, but sort of understandable.

DreamHost is currently hosting like 700,000 domains. Imagine a huge city that everyone has some websites hosted by them. Google knows that your websites are with them by the IP which may very well has been used by some spammer or spamming sites before or even worse, you are currently sharing the IP with another spammer or slug dog rubbish-quality-seeking-money-quick kind of site. Even the IP itself has a clean history and is only used by fairly good sites, Google knows you are with DH by the IP range chart and because of the simple fact that a lot of sites on DH are not so good, it looks down upon you, with good reason. You can’t blame it.

However this is not to say all websites with DH are bad or worthless ones, a lot of them are very outstanding actually. Therefore, Google has thought about it and decides once a site crosses a threshold that’s determined by the content originality, update frequency and number of quality backlinks, it will let go of the fact that you are hosting in a bad neighborhood. But before your site hits that mark, it will be treated like it’s a slug dog because it is born in a spammy IP range.

You can still make wonderful things happen, but slightly more difficult.

This is not just about DreamHost. All heavily marketed cheap / affordable web hosting companies have the same problems and may pose similar SEO disadvantages to your sites, though maybe in a gentle manner. Because they are cheap, they have long since become a paradise for underprivileged short-sighted webmasters to build under-quality sucking websites.

On the contrary, if you host your sites at a premium hosting provider with your own fresh IP addresses, Google will be more likely to show love to them from the very beginning.

Anyway, this is just my theory that’s never been practically testified. But I have always held faith in the Law of Attraction: Everything that happens to you is attracted by yourself.

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I dismiss SEO

Other than a descriptive title and a few describing words about what the current page is about, there’s no more needed to be done SEO-wise. No more. Period.

Why, when I can create art, fulfill dreams, amuse and please my users and make them feel they have never been treated so well on other sites, should I spend majority of the time doing SEO chores and hunting for a few pathetic back links?

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Linking back to start a war!

While there’s a positive backlink without rel=”nofollow” on an ordinary a tag that adds favorable link juice for the linked site,  and there’s a neutral backlink with rel=”nofollow” that does nothing other than sending some clicking traffic, there should also be a negative backlink that’s meant to be in attacking position to the linked site, representing a vote down to the linked site thus its search engine positions.

In a case such as this, people would generally want to link back to the bad guys for the sake of story but wouldn’t want the fight to benefit them in any way and boost their search engine rankings. Instead, Google could introduce a new attribute tag like rel=”hell” or rel=”condemned” or rel=”evil” to accomplish such task.

Imagine people starting to bitch about each other and fighting back and forth with all these sorts of negative backlinks and big guys with strong networks of web presence defaming people who they don’t like.

Isn’t this hilarious! 😀

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Why Simplicity is the King of Kings

Let’s start by asking ourselves this question: How much do we want to do with our life? Or how much are you eager to achieve in a single life time?

The disparity of magnitudes of achievement is tremendous among different people. While a few may create billions worth of wealth, majority may or may not enjoy a substantially good balance between input and output – producing nothing major at all.

Why? Is Gates or Buffet’s millions times of your wisdom? Never. Are they millions times more capable than you? Not a chance.

Because they keep things simple. They go around all dispensable bells and whistles that provide little value, that barely contribute to your final goal, and yet that mediocrities stupidly love, get proud of and show off with. Instead, they do simple things that are just to the pragmatic point.

So is this blog post.

Suppose …

You are a php mysql programmer. You are planning to make a simple CMS for yourself to publish some content conveniently and efficiently to your website so that you may make some cash.

You have swiftly coded a simple login system. Useful, but not that necessary as there’s not many who know where your custom CMS is located. Gates may or may not skip this step – I don’t know. It’s security for God’s sake! Yes but you could also just resort to the Apache authentication instead of doing it yourself. Bells and whistles just come by seemingly undeniable reasons such as security which is actually not that *first priority* compared to your FINAL GOAL. It’s almost always an illusion that you need something instead of that you actually want it.

blah blah blah…

Now you’ve got everything ready in place to post content safely and quickly to your website. But instead of starting writing content right away, you are pondering about whether or not to add commenting for the visitors. Not that hard anyway and it’s absolutely a fancy feature as you were in 1995! So you got down to coding once again.

Now that visitors can comment, you will need one more database table for all of that. Thinking about what data fields it’s gonna house. That’s just routinely necessary, though not quite expected in the first place with an mere idea that have excited you, nothing outrageous to scratch the head about.

While you could simply fulfill the same task with just 2 fields, namely commentator name and the comment itself, you have gone too far by complicating the situation and adding a few more: email, URL, beautiful 5-star rating system and a threading mechanism. Yeah, well, they are all so edgy and perfect to fit in with each other that you can’t help but starting to compliment yourself. How sharp and creative you are! Only if the world knows your creation! Until of course, half a year later, you sadly discover that only 1 or 2 visiting guests left no more than 3 messages. And one of them is a complaint that you may consider attending a grammatical class in writing.

blah blah blah…

In the same time, you suddenly realized this is obviously presenting one more loopholes which malicious crackers may utilize to perform injections. Thus goes the anti-injection function to filter the input for malicious code.

It’s not long before you start to receive spams so you need to implement a spam protector mechanism. You spent an additional few days to code an image captcha but soon they are broken by OCR softwares and your system is vulnerable to spam attacks again.

So you have to code yet another module for you to approve comments manually.

Then you are tired of spending time in discriminating spams from legitimate comments therefore you decide to code yet another module to inspect and filter out the unwanted messages.

Then …

There you go…

It rarely adds up to the final results. Maybe a little bit, but unexpectedly limited.

Every extra functionality you append to the system, the complexity and possible future maintenance cost would soar exponentially. It’s the same with your life.

Everything takes time and that is the single most valuable asset in everybody’s life. Everything you are doing right now, you are paying time to do it and the opportunity cost to do something else that’s potentially a lot more constructive for fulfilling your goal and dream!

Keeping things simple will be the only solution.