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Kaizen – constant improvements or changes

Kaizen is the Japanese saying of continuous advancement. In Chinese, it roughly resembles one word: 改善.

Make a decision on what to do, focus your time and keep refining it. Rome is not built in one day and Kaizen is the way to create an Empire. Takes a long time but the results will be sweet.

I’d put it an enhanced version of change. There’s actually no such thing as perfect, despite being misguiding illusions, it incurs more waste than merits. Don’t just aim at them for the sake of being. People are crazy about being the first, the best or the biggest in simple magnitudes, neglecting either the cost-effectiveness or the realistic goals. Many attempt one or two times to be there, in a relatively short period of time, which would usually be in vain, and quit. They haven’t thought things through in the first place, let alone even if they made it to the top in a short span which is usually an indication that the industry is still in its infantry and those guys will soon be taken over by another who performs in the way of Kaizen, duly in time.

All successful businesses and ventures take tremendous time to incarnate themselves as something unbeatable because it’s practically built by time, a long long time which happens to be the ultimate economic barrier fending for Kaizen believers. The millions of mistakes they have made, the million improvements spread across the years, the million refinements they have accumulated through out the decades have provided the power they need to be at the top of the rest.

Start today, and keep going from there to something better tomorrow. Make an improvement each day and you will see a miracle in years.

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The most dangerous thing in your career or business

It’s not the mistakes or failures themselves that you should be aware of. Everything is a bless including them which descend upon you for you to grow. Bad attitude rather than bad things is the driving force to your self-destruction.

So what is the most dangerous mistake you could make in your career and business.

It’s what you have always believed right instead of judged right.

Too often a startup fails because of something the CEO sticks his guts to – it’s always that way and it got be that way this time.

Too often a kingdom collapses as a result of the perverse and arrogant Kingship.

Too often an army flee by the blind confidence of the commander.


Always ask yourself when making a decision: Is this something I have believed in or reasoned for?

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You never know what is right until you yourself try

A snippet from Kim Krause Berg:

It may not be intended for me, my gender, my age, my eyesight or my interests. It may be perfect for who it is designed for and it’s my job to inquire about that.

That’s the essence of the problem. Enough of so many self-crowned critics and experts think they know which is better and what should be done. Needless to say what we want – no, that’s what you want, not us nor everybody else, academics!

It’s even more brutally true with marketing. No one really knows how marketing works in the end. No one. Everyone has his own experiences and ways to get things done by a lot of trials and failures. As long as it generates positive results, it’s one of the right ways and all that is left is to keep refining your unique methodology for better yield, and possibly migrate it into other areas. This is what successful men do. They don’t assume but they sure have their own ways through personal practices.

Things change. People change. What holds true and dear today may very well fall behind, being regarded obsolete or even harmful. This is one of the main reasons why I don’t believe in any experts, especially in the business world.

Stock market is the perfect example to illustrate how accumulated random actions stack up as the real current economic expectations. No one outperforms the market in the long run no matter how the investors or opportunists strive to be ahead of the rest. It’s almost always in vain. So why not stop being so fussy about everything we do and just do what we want. Why not go with instincts and mend along the way instead of deliberately aiming to be correct and perfect in the first place.

You never know what is right until you yourself try. Rather than be told by some expert who think he can make everything right from the beginning simply by following the writings from another expert.

Give up, people who are spending their arms and legs to be outstanding. Those who turn out to be outstanding almost never started to be outstanding.

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Log Walking – Walk through your website logs and be in the shoe of a visitor

Well, just came across a rather insightful post by ronburk at Webmaster World, which by the way, is probably the most resourceful place for any veteran webmaster.

Consumer behavioral analysis is one of the most important part of any marketing campaigns in any industry. The better you get to know your customers, the better you know how to satisfy them and reach for their wallets. It’s the same with website marketing, whether you are selling your own products or you are advertising for others.

Step into the shoes of others

Stepping into the shoe of others is an essential business skill – a decent skill for a mutually satisfactory social life too.

  1. You step into the shoe of a customer to really know what they need and what they want while they dont’t know it.
  2. You step into the shoe of a business partner on certain terms and see how you can come to a win-win solution, not just beneficial to either one of you.
  3. You step into the shoe of your employee and make them truly love what they do instead of being a tyrant.
Log walking

Log walking, by ronburk, is essentially the process of analyzing server logs for visitor behaviors and applying the found patterns to your business benefits. To decide on what you are going to do such as changing website layout, writing an article, supplying a specific product or service or targeting a certain angle of prospects, you need to first check and think thoroughly of your business environment (market niche, competition, consumer base, advertising fierceness) ,second measure between current situation and your desired objective and third take actions to ax out the changes relentlessly.

Change is inevitably the only eternal thing in the universe, what worked a year ago might not necessarily continue bringing in bucks for you. You have to spot changes and adapt to them before they bite you.

Relying on AdSense for a passive income stream? Think again.

Blah Blah Blah

If these rumblings seem stupid to you, I’m writing to myself. Anyway, ronburk’s Log-Walking Your Way to >$$$ will certainly be a good read for those enterprising for AdSense.

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Top Sites Visited on Internet, Download the Free Top Sites List (Top 1,000,000 Sites in Traffic)

Alexa, the traffic company under Amazon is now releasing the top sites ranking data free.

Updated daily, it’s currently the most authoritative top sites ranking data by traffic you can find on the Web. Download the list here. It presents the 1 million sites most visited around the globe.

Other than Alexa, you can also have reference to some other sources of top sites listings, such as Quantcast’s top million sites rankings.

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Harness the power of exponential growth, part 2 – what can you do?

Well after reading the first part, I was a bit lost. What the hell is this guy talking about exactly? Yes, exponential growth it is, and we should all make sense out of it in our business endeavors wherever possible. Okay, it’s sweet but how? How is this concept going to help us? And what are the practical approaches we can take to get to real exponential growth?

Building websites that’s viral in nature

Plain information sites created and maintained by owners alone aren’t naturally viral because visitors don’t spread your site by themselves. They may, of course, if they are pleased to. But no matter how many incentives you provide, be it extremely beautiful site design, unbelievably useful content or even monetary rewarding referral program – it’s not viral in nature.

Natural viral sites, however, integrate human connections in the bare bone business model and the entire value providing process. The referral mechanism works inherently in the system rather than motivated by external factors.

An article directory is a typical naturally viral site. The idea is old but it works exponentially for the owner once its popularity passes the critical mass. Because it’s popular and bears lots of useful content, gaining unparalleled search engine authority and luring mountains of traffic, internet marketers flood to write even more articles for the site, making it even more useful and popular. Why not? It’s a win-win. The owner now can just sit there and enjoy the exponential growth. The groundwork – the past hard work – has paid off and now is working for the owner into the future.

Stuck with the business model? Choose wisely and make it viral in nature so 1 hour you spent on it now is worth hundreds in 3 years. Successful examples of article directory include, and

There are tons other naturally viral business models, one of the most common is email service. The communication via email, which is just the essence of it, advertises and spreads the service provider itself because you have to always make public your email address thus publicizing the provider’s domain.

reCAPTCHA is also a natural viral model.

Produce not only happy buyers / customers but extremely happy ones

By extremely happy, I mean they are so happy that they can’t wait to recommend you to their colleagues and friends. Businesses who produce such customers are a rarity. Things they hardly do or never did include but not limited to:

  1. Brewing breaking ideas and market them to the public instead of just tangible products or services. Because ideas spread.
  2. Creating products that deliver value 10 times the price.
  3. Making customers into fans by fixing everything they have screwed up. No questions asked.
  4. Proactively answering the plea for help 8 months after contract closure.
  5. Forming lifelong relationships with each and every customer, providing not only support but also personal help.
  6. …

Part 1: Harness the power of exponential growth

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Harness the power of exponential growth

All successful entrepreneurs, wealthy people and academic geniuses agree that exponential growth is what it takes to be where they stand.

What is exponential growth? Mathematically, it’s just a way of describing how something not only grows over time but the rate of growing itself increases in the process, reaching unbelievable mark at the end.

Population grows at exponential rates, both human and animals. So do epidemic diseases extending themselves – the more the infected, the faster the disease spreads. As opposed to linear growth such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… which is forever growing by a constant increase of 1, exponential growth such as 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 easily overpasses it at the 3rd round, makes it twice as much in the 4th round and over 5 times in just the 6th round!

That’s astounding. And this is how billionaires are made. They are made of exponential growths.

Consider what you do now, as an online freelancer, a programmer in a corporate giant or a common office staff. You work for others, supplying your time in exchange for a monthly wage. You are a great worker, smart, creative, efficient and obedient, thus getting paid $100,000 a year – a rather high paying job that is. But after 10 years graduating from Harvard, you are still doing the same job, settled for just $100,000 a year, thinking great, I’d be able to retire at the age of 45 because then I’d have one million dollars! Yes, you probably would, but that’s it.

You get it. This guy is doomed with linear growth.

Let’s look again at how billionaires are made. They make use of every dollar they have at any time. Money works for them rather than the other way around.

What if I don’t have that much money in the first place? You would ask. Focus on the idea instead of the way billionaires are made. You don’t have money but you do have time at your own disposal. How you are going to spend them is just like the problem of how to effectively spend money and make them work for you.

Extend your thoughts into the future. Is how you spent the last minute wise and does it work into the future?

Part 2: What can you do?

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Joyfulness is the ultimate secret for any successful website

Be a happy webmaster, I must say to myself, to whom I owe the joyfulness of making websites. I shall from now on make websites for the only sake of my own enjoyment and confidence. And I believe it’s the only way to a successful website. It endures and delivers. It dominates. Because joyfulness itself is the ultimate goal of every human life.

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Law: The Measurement of Copyright Fair Use – 4 Essential Subjective Guidelines

Someday you came across a copyrighted picture that goes perfectly with your own content and wanted to embed it in your texts with a link to the original source, wondering if this action was allowed by law. By your ethical holdings and legal awareness, after failure to reach the owner, you decided to take the step forward and put the asset up on your own webpage in a reduced form with appropriate credit and linked it back to the original work, hoping it constituted a fair use that would absolve you of possible copyright infringement.

So what constitutes a fair use?

It’s universally acknowledged that one is not expected to duplicate copyrighted content on the internet either entirely or in portion in the infringement of copyright laws. However, in cases of fair use, borrowing of copyrighted material may not necessarily break the code. Although unfortunately the judge is the ultimate authority on whether it is a fair use or not, there’s essentially 4 factors governing the he or she’s decision-making process.

  1. The purpose and character of your use
    Not just a same-as-source duplication, your work to use copyrighted content upon new insights, varied expressions, ascended ideas and so forth may well be considered a fair use. Whether or not you are adding value to the new work with borrowed content is an essential criterion in the determination.
  2. The nature of the copyrighted work
    1) Is the work fact or fiction oriented? In light of the fact that dissemination of facts benefit the public, you could possibly make good fair uses of factual works while it is wise to keep away from novel works which is more of an intellectual product of the author.
    2) Is the work published or not yet? Publishing content the 1st time even before its author does, you are well on the way to a court lost.
  3. The amount and substantiality of the portion taken
    Take as small portion or amount as possible of any original work. The less you copy the more likely you are excused of a fair use. Nevertheless you should bear in mind that the substantiality is also taken as a strong factor that you are to be convicted of copyright infringement if the copyrighted portion used in your work is considered essence or heart of the original one.
  4. The effect of the use upon the potential market
    This is generally decided by the result whether the use is undermining the benefits origninal owner receives from the work. If it deprives the income he or she is expecting, it is understandable that you may trigger a lawsuit and almost undoubtedly, lose it.

As the judgement of fair uses is much too subjective and subject to the logic and perspective of the judge, it is highly advised to contact the owner or simply pay a price to get the permission required to display copyrighted work in your own. Apart from the widely accepted criteria listed above, the judge has more to resort to in the judgement of any specific case. For instance, you are more likely to lose with a site filled with advertisements and much less likely so with a non-profit educational .org.

More legal resources on fair use