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GoDaddy: 2 Bad Features Combined Into 1 Great Feature

So lots of people are complaining about:

  1. GoDaddy barricading domain transfers by denying transfer requests on domains which have recently been modified in contact information (for the last 60 days).
  2. Their poor security features (no even security questions when modifying name servers or contact information) and high potential to lose premium domains.

Yeah, they suck. Well, as such, I have an idea. Why not combining the 2 sucking features into 1 great security feature! How?

  1. For premium domain owners, make sure you submit and update your contact information of all the domains you have at GoDaddy every 60 days. Don’t have to change it in any way, just resubmits will do.

Bang! You now have the the most secure domain registrar in the universe. No one but God can transfer your domains away as long as GD remains the same with their 60-day contact modification policy!

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The Best Online Domain Name Availability Checker Tool (AJAX)

As if there’s an offline one to check whether a domain is available or not. 😉

Psychic Whois is it.

psychicwhois: domain availability checker

It’s the best domain availability checking tool I know so far. AJAX powered, it instantly checks whether a domain is available for registration after you have typed the primary part by listing all 6 popular TLDs: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .us and the name’s availability for each of them. Not only that, it suggests keyword combinations based from what others have searched and queried.

If you need to search for 100s of domains  at one time, bulk domains search tool is what you need.

Coupons and Promo Codes Domains

$6.99 .com domain coupon at GoDaddy for both registration and renewal

Update: Here’s the latest coupon code of Godaddy – $1.49 / year .com

A quick short post for my fellow readers.

If you have quite some domains with GoDaddy, you’d know that ever since they raised the price for .com by $0.5, to find a $6.99 .com GoDaddy domain coupon is rather difficult now. Most of the coupons there like OYH3 only offers a discount of $2.50 which works out as $7.49 .com domain names.

However, with this coupon: yhkw105a, you can register a new .com domain name at just $6.99 plus $0.20 ICANN fee per domain per year. It’s also valid for domain renewals. I just renewed some of my domains with it for 2 years.

I don’t know when it expires yet. But I suggest you go with it now and maybe renew a few of your domains. It’s a bargain without a doubt.

Update: The above domain coupon yhkw105a has expired, the best GoDaddy .com registration and renewal coupon I can find now seems to be this one: DNF2 which offers $7.39 + ICANN fee per .com registration or renewal. It also seems to be permanent. Still looking for a $6.99 renewal GoDaddy code that works.

Update: At present, the best .org new registration discount code of GoDaddy I can find is EMFB7. You can register a new .org multiple years for just $7.49 per with it.

Update: The lowest possible price for .com renewal at GoDaddy is $6.99. Just use the code DNF5 when you renew no less than 5 domains at a time.