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RackSpace Cloud Hosting Launched!

the rackspace cloud

Dating back 1 or 2 years ago when RackSpace acquired Mosso, it has long been preparing to start its own cloud hosting business. Now here it is, Rackspace has officially launched the RackSpace Cloud from Mosso:

All hosting service packages remain fundamentally the same with those of Mosso: Cloud Sites, Cloud Servers and Cloud Files. While the old company Mosso’s domain goes under, all existing traffic is being redirected to the new RackSpace domain

I’m currently hosted on their Cloud Servers plan, a great deal considering the fact that you really don’t need much support at all because of their remarkable network and underselling hardware. You can feel the responsiveness and robustness when you are developing and debugging on their servers.

However on the other hand, I don’t have any experience with Cloud Sites, one of the best high end cloud hosting you can find anywhere, I guess. The ultimate benefit is the ease to scale, use whatever you need at any time without having the hassle to move things around and interrupting website performance.

Well, here’s a coupon promo code of RackSpace cloud: (Reveal Code) should it interests you to give cloud sites a try. They have a 30-day unconditional money back policy and with the coupon you can still cancel anytime in the first 30 days to get a full refund. So absolutely nothing to worry about.

If you do go with them, feel free to leave a review of Rackspace cloud and let more people know how they come out.

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Yet Another Joomla Template Including Original PSD, HTML + CSS and Fonts

free joomla template Face2Face is the name of this Joomla template, released free by Template Kingdom. I don’t usually use Joomla but one has to admit there has been many excellent template themes for Joomla like this one, just as there are with WordPress.

I love the colors of this template: relatively light but not too bright to be eye friendly, very enjoyable to look at as a result of all those intermediary colors constantly found in nature. The layout is tight and contains as much content as possible yet leaves enough blank for outstanding texts such as a slogan.

If you are ever looking for a Joomla template that’s as gentle as green tea, refreshing with grass warmth, this theme is it.

You can download it here, it’s completely free.

Still thirst for more? Here’s the extra premium website templates.

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T-shirt Affiliate Program

tshirt affiliate program:  tshirt hell Custom design and printing is what characterizes online T-shirt businesses that have come into boom since a few years back. A lot of people are making good money selling custom design tshirt. To tap into this niche, you can either come out with your own designs and promote the merchandise at Cafe Press, or you can earn good money by marketing others’ tshirts, that is, by the tshirt affiliate program.

Tshirt Hell makes a perfect example of what an online tshirt business should do in order to achieve success financially.

  1. Make an affiliate program – not only has there to be one but it also has to be an attractive one. In a market as open and free as the Internet, marketing ain’t easy. So it is only fair for marketers to earn a good cut of the profit. Tshirt Hell generously offers $4 affiliate reward for each and every sale, no exceptions on size or price: whether it’s a $15 sale or a $7 one, you get $4, no questions asked. Compare and you shall know, $4 commission per tshirt sale is a rather steep one that few tshirt sites can come up with.
  2. Let there be a 2-tier cut – 2-tier affiliate program means another affiliate marketer can sign up with the program under your name, and you will keep receiving a share of the profit whenever your referred affiliate makes a sale. Tshirt Hell again makes their program an appeal for all tshirt marketers with $1 per 2-tier affiliate sale forever for you. That means, every sale your referred affiliate makes, you will receive $1 reward for it. This is obviously a clever move as it instantly increases the possibility that their business and your earnings both go viral.
  3. Tshirts should be impulse buysTshirt Hell distinctly distinguishes themselves from other Tshirt designers and providers. A black sheep if you will. If you go and take a look at their unique designs, you will have no problem understanding why their products sell so well.

It’s all about the bad tshirts.

China Internet Fonts & Typography

Download Web Safe Simplified Chinese Fonts: Song Ti, Hei Ti, Youyuan, Lishu, MS Ya Hei

As requested by a reader of Make A Website that wants to know where to download web safe chinese fonts. I have now packaged them in a ZIP for download in case any more of you wants to use them for Chinese web projects.

Click to download the fonts.
No more download of fonts because of potential copyright infringement – you may google search and download them directly from Microsoft or other sites instead:

– Microsoft YaHei
– Microsoft YaHei Bold
– SimSun, NSimSun
– SimHei
– Song Ti font
– Hei Ti font
– You Yuan font
– Li Shu font

Included are the most common fonts of Simplified Chinese in mainland China: Song Ti, Hei Ti, Youyuan, Lishu and MS Ya Hei. You can view the detailed information about them at here. I used to have a total English version of Windows XP but now can’t quite remember how you must install the charset and encoding for Chinese / Asian languages first before displaying Chinese correctly on your system before using the Mandarin fonts.

Kavoir & Whatever

I’m bored. Let’s play the bloggers’ relay game!


Back when I started blogging in Chinese which I never did, I used to be goofing around all those fellow Chinese blogs and once in a while, you’d see something like this: one of the bloggers from a closely networked blogs would put forth an open question that’s fun to ponder about, answer it and relay it to someone he or she knows in the Blogsphere; the second blogger would then answer it him or herself and in turn pass it on to a third friend.

It roughly goes in this manner. I’m sure there has been similar games but I have never seen one in the English Blogsphere that I know of yet.

As much as I can think of, such a question should be

  1. Interesting and fun to ponder about, of course. Not only is it unusual but it has the potential to be answered in a thousand different ways.
  2. Blog readers and visitors would all be very much interested to know the answer of the blogger. They may even write out their own answers!

Now, here goes my question:

You wake up from a deep coma and find yourself in a well sealed cell. No windows, just a seamlessly shut iron door. It’s comfortable at first but not so much when you realize you are being detained and restricted in this way. You don’t remember enough to recall how and why you are here.

It’s chilly and you are gradually overwhelmed by fear. You started yelling for help until you believe there’s no one outside if the sound actually get through at all.

There’s a computer on yards away and even more weirdly it’s connected to the Internet. Now my questions are:

What is the first website you are going to type in and visit?

Well, for me the average ordinarily brained guy, I’d go enjoying a piece of xkcd first. Not likely? No, I doubt it I’d be that calm. So I guess I’d go find out what the current time is on date and time.

And, I’m going to pass this question on to Quick Online Tips, well, that is of course if he’s actually interested.

Wait a minute, I think it’d be more fun to actually try getting myself out of this creepy place by the help of Internet. How’d one do that?

So, what is your answer, fellows? Anyone who posts an answer to my question on his or her blog deserves a back link from this post. Please just comment here to get listed. I believe everyone is going to want to know what everyone else would do in such a situation.

Hilariously Funny or Creepy SQL / MySQL Tips and Tutorials

MySQL: Huge Table Not Responding after Adding Index

Today I’m optimizing some MySQL tables with large number of records – 1 million of them, yeah, I know – , it’s simply impossible to deal with such big chunks of data without proper indexing. So there I was, adding a variety of indexes to a few of the columns.

It’s expected it’d take a few hours to complete with such mega size tables, but what’s not expected is that after 2 days, the index adding seems to be still going on as all the tables are not responding to any queries. I can’t even select the first record. It takes *forever*, both from phpmyadmin and shell mysql.

What’s the catch? I’ve no idea. But let’s at least free those poor tables from choking first. So after dropping the index I was trying to add from mysql command line, all the tables returned normal.


DROP INDEX culprit ON bigtable

But the ultimate convict still eludes me. Any ideas? I still need to add those indexes.

Affiliate Programs Domains My Personal Reviews

Dynadot Affiliate Program Review – Not Worth the While

I joined Dynadot at the commencement of .tel domains and tried my luck to get some domainers to register a domain with them.

Maybe it’s because they just don’t care about expanding via affiliates, the system might be a little buggy or not so affiliate friendly in that once the referred friend signed up an account with them, even if they have clicked through your affiliate link to register the domains at Dynadot, the newly registered domain and its commission will not be credited to you at all.

Therefore, make sure you send your friend or site visitors the affiliate link before they register the account with Dynadot. So, basically, they should register their account through your affiliate link. The other way won’t work for sure, but still I’m not sure if it works in this way.

Feels a little fishy with Dynadot domain registration affiliate program and totally not worth the while.

Hilariously Funny or Creepy Kavoir & Whatever

Largest U.S. Bankruptcies, 1980–Present

Just imagine, that much amounts of money just vaporized into thin air at a cause of nothing.

Company Bankruptcy date Total assets pre-bankruptcy (in millions)
Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. 9/15/2008 $691,063
Worldcom, Inc.1 7/21/2002 $103,914
Enron Corp.2 12/2/2001 $65,503
Conesco, Inc. 12/17/2002 $61,392
Pacific Gas and Electric Co. 4/06/2001 $36,152
Texaco, Inc. 4/12/1987 $34,940
Financial Corp. of America 9/9/1988 $33,864
Refco Inc. 10/17/2005 $33,333
IndyMac Bancorp, Inc. 7/31/2008 $32,734
Global Crossing Ltd. 1/28/2002 $30,185
Bank of New England Corp. 1/7/1991 $29,773
Calpine Corp. 12/20/2005 $27,216
New Century Financial Corp. 4/2/2007 $26,147
UAL Corp. 12/9/2002 $25,197
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 9/14/2005 $21,801
Adelphia Communications 6/25/2002 $21,499
MCorp. 3/31/1989 $20,228
Mirant Corp. 7/14/2003 $19,415
American Home Mortgage Investment Corp. 8/6/2007 $18,829
NTL, Inc. 5/8/2002 $16,834

1. Worldcom, Inc. assets taken from the audited annual report dated 12/31/2001.

2. The Enron assets were taken from the tax documents filed on 11/19/2001. The company has announced that the financials were under review at the time of filing for Chapter 11.

Hilariously Funny or Creepy My Personal Reviews Web Applications & Online Software

Google AdWords mistake (a bug?)

Naturally, you’d never expect an AdSense ad of a site to appear on itself. But this I just encountered, indicates an inherent *bug* of AdWords.

adwords bug

Or is it? But I’ll never understand otherwise. What’s the point? Maybe there’s an option for the AdWords advertiser to opt out of his advertisement listing being published on his very own site with AdSense on, but can’t Google just do it automatically. My other guess is that for a very large community site such as a popular forum, there are people (who are members of the community) who wants to advertise to the very audience (mostly members) of the site, sets up a campaign via AdWords targeting them and puts the ad exclusively on the site which is also targeted a part of it.

Anyway, I believe Google should automatically turn this off by default and let the advertiser himself to explicitly turn it on.

Coupons and Promo Codes Domains Hosting Tips & Deals My Personal Reviews

DreamHost Review: Pros and Cons plus Uptime Charts

I’ve been DreamHost since 2006 and that’s more than 3 years of hosting experience with them on a shared plan ($9.95 / month). For those who’d prefer scanning instead of reading, I’ll sum up my points in short lists:


  1. Affordable price with generous offerings in disk storage and monthly transfer.
  2. Full pack of features – everything you can imagine for LAMP websites, they are there for you to access.
  3. 10 years of operating their own servers makes them extremely technical and the support is always to the point by knowledgeable staff.
  4. Proprietary control panel enables you to do everything without a hassle. Could be a Con though, as it’s too easy to use and somewhat addictive, once you get used to it, you’d be reluctant to switch.
  5. A lot of features are only found on DreamHost such as control panel API, Google Apps (I love it!), Jabber IM, Media Streaming and much more that are all automated and even a novice hoster can take advantage of.
  6. Open discussion forums.
  7. Very well documented wiki specifically for their users with detailed instructions to do everything.


  1. The average uptime is approximately 99.7% for shared plans – just so so.
  2. Sometimes it’s rather slow accessing your site. Blame the server load and amount of websites hosted on a single server. You can feel that you are in a shared environment without a doubt.
  3. I’ve experienced from 1 minute to 20 hours of response time from DreamHost email support. On average, it’s roughly 5 hours.
  4. Their referral program does work and the 2nd tier 5% forever rewards may successfully lock you with them “forever” because once you leave DreamHost, you leave the lifetime stream of 5% referral rewards. Pretty bad ass, huh?

DreamHost Server Stats Charts

All charts and data are gathered and provided by who pings (Spenser from points out that it’s not just pinging but also a full HTTP pull of the page) one of my sites hosted with DreamHost (shared plan) at 15-minute intervals.

DreamHost Uptime (shared)

dreamhost uptime chart

DreamHost Average Response Time (shared)

dreamhost average response time

DreamHost Total Response Time (shared)

dreamhost total response time


DreamHost (I can only speak of their shared plans which I have experience with) is absolutely worth the money if you are hosting hobbyist or personal sites that are not so mission critical. As a result of their sophisticated technical background, the hosting environment gives you as much freedom as you need yet balanced well in security and overall server well-being. It’s a paradise for web developers and non-technical users at the same time.

I’d especially recommend DreamHost to beginner webmasters for its affordable price and pack of features – you literally can’t find anything that’s offered by competitive hosting companies not in DreamHost’s menu. And, while you can do everything from the control panel, you can still utilize SSH to do advanced stuff. That said, the biggest drawback of DreamHost becoming a fantastic host is the reliability and performance issue that haunts its shared users.

DreamHost will be a terrific journey for you to learn and grow until you have to find a more solid pie to ensure your websites. I might go with their Private Server (Their way of VPS, a little more pricey than their shared plans in my opinion) plans soon, but with the same amount of money why don’t I go with another hosting company and try them out and in addition, to have a few different C-class IPs for the sake of SEO. 😉

Shameless Self Promotion: $60 DreamHost Coupon Code

Well, if you think my review is helpful and feel like going ahead, I’d very much appreciate it if you could use coupon CASH60 to sign up at DreamHost. It gives you an instant $60 discount with all yearly plans.

Here are some additional reviews if you would like to read more about DreamHost.