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3 rather interesting computer related how to

Your mouse suddenly got offline by itself and you only got half an hour before the presentation yet the PPT still needs a few adjustments. Thank God you know how to use computer without a mouse.

A retiring computer is hardly environment-neutral, you need to dispose them properly as various parts of it contain toxic chemicals. Basically, you have 4 ways to recycle a computer.

This is the fun part. An essential part of being a good hacker, many may not know, is to be able to guess passwords. People are too easy to use catchy texts or numbers for their passwords, if you know them well enough, chances are you may have guessed it right after a few tries.

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Katrina Costedio Steals (

Katrina Costedio currently lives in Sarasota, Florida and has a small design firm ( that attends to small business needs doing all kinds of design work: print design, card design, logo design and web design. She’s planning to go to San Francisco, California, though.

I worked for her on 2 projects, namely maahs acupuncture clinic site, including PSD to CSS/HTML service and a php contact form; and including ALL stuff that’s basically from PSD design to everything – PSD to CSS/HTML, php CMS and shopping cart. Other than these, I have helped her with other sites as well:

  1. some wordpress work for
  2. fixing a few css and javascript errors for
  3. there’s some more I can’t remember now…

Katrina Costedio would have been a good lady, if she has kept her words and not stolen my work without paying me a penny.

Below is an email message I planned to send her but understandably as  she might have blacklisted me, I’ll just post it here for all to see:

So launches with my code? You know you haven’t paid me a penny for it, so technically it’s all my property and you are stealing. We never had any contract that says if all goes this way, you unconditionally own everything I did.I thought you said you would be losing thousands dollars more to finish what I started. I beg your pardon. It’s you who shut me off from the servers and projects by suddenly changing all the login passwords. I feel stupid and betrayed the next morning when I found out I couldn’t log in any more. Not to mention you never started from scratch again. Instead, you stole my work shamelessly for your own clients. Because I have spent a month on your project and it’s almost done!

Katrina Costedio is stealing.

You crapped my code as unsecure and stolen yet you use it with no shame. What kind of b*tch are you? (I still have all her original words in my mail box.)

Also we haven’t finished up with my “copyright” issues yet, which file did you say I stole from other people and didn’t even bother to remove the copyright information? Ohhh, if it happends to be jquery.js or, they are licensed under LGPL for crying out loud and almost all sites use them! I can’t believe you were trying to come up with this kind of shit to demonize me? So that you can take my hard work free? At least get a programming class before doing that, katie.

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I dismiss SEO

Other than a descriptive title and a few describing words about what the current page is about, there’s no more needed to be done SEO-wise. No more. Period.

Why, when I can create art, fulfill dreams, amuse and please my users and make them feel they have never been treated so well on other sites, should I spend majority of the time doing SEO chores and hunting for a few pathetic back links?

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WordPress: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable when Posting New Posts or Modifying Existing Posts

It’s weird that I encountered this problem that when you post new posts in WordPress, there’s a possibility that it may run into a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable error without publishing the article at all.

I did some split tests and in this post, the string ‘fopen’ which is a php function seems to be the culprit that prevents the post being posted, constantly causing the wordpress to make 503 service temporarily unavailable errors when you hit Publish or Update.

One workaround is to do the split tests on your posts and see which part of it is causing the problem so that you can change it to something else until WordPress accepts.

Haven’t notified the wordpress team yet, don’t know if they have received other complaints about this bug (or is it) or not, I think I’m just too lazy to send the report. Whatever… as long as you can get things done, doesn’t really matter if there’s a glitch.

Problem Solved

Update: Turns out this error is not alone in WordPress and not a bug of it at all. Some of the administration tasks of other CMS software such as posting posts with PHP code in them and uploading stuff would also trigger a module in Apache called Mod_security to be over sensitive. The solution is to disable the module (not recommended), or put a simple line into the .htaccess file of the site to tell Mod_security that:

  1. All requests from this particular IP address is absolved from being inspected and monitored by Mod_security module –
    SetEnvIfNoCase Remote_Addr ^123\.123\.123\.123$ MODSEC_ENABLE=Off
  2. All requests made to this specific PHP script is absolved of being checked for malicious attempts –
    SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI ^/wp-admin/async-upload\.php$ MODSEC_ENABLE=Off

With WordPress, the potentially problematic scripts I know include:

  1. /wp-admin/async-upload.php
  2. /wp-admin/post.php
  3. /xmlrpc.php

So depending on the error you are getting from the task you are performing, insert one or two lines into the .htaccess to prevent any unnecessary 503 errors. Read more about this issue at DreamHost wiki.

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Smashing Magazine is sort of stupid

Millions of people in the web world digg Smashing Magazine for the full-fledged articles they publish that seem to be useful at first glance. Yeah, why not, at least they are all eye-candies with big titles.

While I myself enjoyed a few series back when they just started, many posts serve as great references to other helpful and even amazing individual resources. This is good. Because I can bookmark them all in one attempt.

However, articles written with no research at all but just blatant huge compilation of everything they can find on the web to stun people are everything but respectable. No, it’s just entertainment that amuses you at the moment and fades away after you leave.

It overwhelms and excites you, making you feel obligated to bookmark them, but hardly teaches you anything if at all. The posts are restless, so are the readers.

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Why Firefox is no better than IE

Architecturally Firefox is no better than IE in any way. But their marketing strategy is so superior that so many people digg FF voluntarily without knowing they are just being sold to. Mozilla’s success lie heavily in coming in alliance with Google and web standards (related organizations and evangelists and such) rather than the inherent goodness of the browser itself.

Complying with standards is actually not that much a reason why FF should be better than IE. IE has its own tasks to fulfill as not only a browser but an integral part of Windows system, not to mention its own abundance of features that few web developers / designers have ever explored and used to amuse the IE visitors which have always been the majority of all web audiences.

You don’t. Instead, you are *manipulated* (this is a rather strong word used just for metaphor) or being marketed to by *standards* setters and gurus to believe W3C should be the rightful decision maker of how Web should look like in the future, blaming your own inability in developing for IE on Microsoft not complying with the standards. You know why? Because you were introduced into the world of web standards (W3C) in the first place and take everything else (such as the way of Microsoft) as wrong and not acceptable.

It’s nothing but a school of thought, open up your mind, IE blamers. Lean and embrace the difference. Waive the sacredness of web standards and W3C.

What you see now as rendering nuances between browsers especially those between IE and other *praised* browsers are nothing compared to how browser compatibility issues agonize the HTML/CSS developers in the last 10 years of the 20th century. It was then simply impossible to write fully cross-browser compatible front end code. You are lucky to have IE6, and even lucky to have IE7. Be thankful that Microsoft is committed to change now and start to favor web standards, or believe me, you will only need one version of your front end code now and that is targeted to IE.

Security issues exist in IE not only as the browser defects but also in the system level. Many’s the time when the public blames a web browsing bug or malicious site attack on IE but it’s actually something wrong with Windows or Office. Taking into account of the vast availability of potential victims who are using Windows system and the IE browser, attackers are understandably much more motivated to target Microsoft products rather than Mozilla’s. This means anything but IE is inferior in security than FF. In this sense, IE is actually more bullet proof as it has always been standing in the security frontier shielding most of the bash, gaining the potential to become the most experienced in balancing features and security. Just because FF is rarely attacked doesn’t mean it’s more secure. It’s just that it stands behind IE thus having the chance to learn from it and correct any mistakes before things go wrong and got exposed.

Other than that, FF does have its own issues, just search and compare with IE. They aren’t so much different when it comes to technical problems.

Update: Saw a very interesting stats graph released in the web security vulnerabilities report by Cenzic.

web browser vulnerabilities stats

You can download the original PDF. As it is shown, Firefox is the most unsafe browser and accounts for 44% of browser security issues as of the first half of 2009. It’s pretty appalling considering the market share of Firefox. How can it be that bad? Even I have some serious doubts regarding the accuracy of the numbers. But still.

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The right way of learning

Forgetting some crap is a thousand times more effective in your learning than remembering all kinds of different ways of boiling the water.

China Internet Internet Tools My Personal Reviews

Watch TV and Movies Free Online – The China P2P Internet Streaming Network: PPS

You know what they say, China doesn’t have digital products, instead, it’s all digital freebies because of the lack of legal accountability for intellectual property. A recently released Hollywood blockbuster movie will be pouring into the piracy market at less than $1 per DVD copy. And online? You literally have unlimited access to millions of movies via a variety of channels: you can either download them via P2P downloading network or watch them online.

pps internet tv and movies

While reasonably you may think them in understandably inferior video qualities – they are, quite a percentage of them – but as far as I’ve seen them, the quality of the majority of them is comparable to traditional DVD, if not HD.

PPS is currently the largest P2P video streaming network in China. They’ve got a few English web pages online to for potential venture capitalists, but the program itself is completely targeted at the Chinese market.

pps tv movie streaming

After installation, the program will need a brief contact to the central server to get the latest playing list of TV channels and programs – daily updated movies (English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and continued cycles of operas (love, comedy, CSI, cartoon and so forth). There’s one thing that may hinder anyone not speaking Chinese from using it, that is, the titles are all in Chinese.

I don’t know if it’s possible to connect to the network from other part of the world, but PSS should be free to use anywhere and you may download it and give it a try.

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What is creativity?

It is a flow of original ideas that please your own curiosity, big or small…..

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programmer cartoons, comics of programming

We lost the documentation on quantum mechanics. You'll have to decode the regexes yourself.

programmer cartoons, comics of programming

programmer cartoons, comics of programming

programmer cartoons, comics of programming


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int get_rand_number(){ return 4;}

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"When I started programming, we didn't have any of these sissy 'icons' and 'Windows.' All we had were zeros and ones -- and sometimes we didn't even have ones. I wrote an entire database program using only zeros." "You had zeros? We had to use the letter 'O'." -Dilbert (Scott Adams)

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