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The most dangerous thing in your career or business

It’s not the mistakes or failures themselves that you should be aware of. Everything is a bless including them which descend upon you for you to grow. Bad attitude rather than bad things is the driving force to your self-destruction.

So what is the most dangerous mistake you could make in your career and business.

It’s what you have always believed right instead of judged right.

Too often a startup fails because of something the CEO sticks his guts to – it’s always that way and it got be that way this time.

Too often a kingdom collapses as a result of the perverse and arrogant Kingship.

Too often an army flee by the blind confidence of the commander.


Always ask yourself when making a decision: Is this something I have believed in or reasoned for?

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You never know what is right until you yourself try

A snippet from Kim Krause Berg:

It may not be intended for me, my gender, my age, my eyesight or my interests. It may be perfect for who it is designed for and it’s my job to inquire about that.

That’s the essence of the problem. Enough of so many self-crowned critics and experts think they know which is better and what should be done. Needless to say what we want – no, that’s what you want, not us nor everybody else, academics!

It’s even more brutally true with marketing. No one really knows how marketing works in the end. No one. Everyone has his own experiences and ways to get things done by a lot of trials and failures. As long as it generates positive results, it’s one of the right ways and all that is left is to keep refining your unique methodology for better yield, and possibly migrate it into other areas. This is what successful men do. They don’t assume but they sure have their own ways through personal practices.

Things change. People change. What holds true and dear today may very well fall behind, being regarded obsolete or even harmful. This is one of the main reasons why I don’t believe in any experts, especially in the business world.

Stock market is the perfect example to illustrate how accumulated random actions stack up as the real current economic expectations. No one outperforms the market in the long run no matter how the investors or opportunists strive to be ahead of the rest. It’s almost always in vain. So why not stop being so fussy about everything we do and just do what we want. Why not go with instincts and mend along the way instead of deliberately aiming to be correct and perfect in the first place.

You never know what is right until you yourself try. Rather than be told by some expert who think he can make everything right from the beginning simply by following the writings from another expert.

Give up, people who are spending their arms and legs to be outstanding. Those who turn out to be outstanding almost never started to be outstanding.

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Google penalizes

Yeah, well, Google employee, who’s made famous by his SEO blog, Matt Cutts said in twitter a few days back: PageRank is now ~5 instead of ~9. I expect that to remain for a while.

Or maybe they (Google) are just tired of insanely unachievable PageRanks of themselves and did this for a bit of fun?

Hilariously Funny or Creepy

A very funny thread title

One of the guys started a thread complaining about his internet connection:

Is it just me or is half the internet down?


Hilariously Funny or Creepy

The Monthly Wave

Does anybody know that it’s a perfect wave of how the month names would look like if aligned left vertically?


Creepy, huh! (wink wink) 😀

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PSD to HTML service is not easy, but I’m determined.

To provide this service to the highest standards, it’s really not that easy, takes time and toil. Not to mention it’s directly dealing with picky customers and anything could go wrong.

Most of the customers are reasonable and easy going but still quite a number of them are rather demanding of the work or just don’t have a grip of what works or not. However as a paid freelancer, I’m deteremined to do my best to satisfy my customers.

I just hope all customers turn into clients who will have a more enduring relationship with me so as to save all the trouble in marketing. I’m constantly improving myself, in terms of technical skills, working experiences, best practices and such. I believe I can do this.

Concentration and determinations work miracles.

My belief is simple:

To make 1 million dollars, stop thinking about how to make them, but think about how you can make 2 million dollars for your clients.

So, here comes Charm HTML the PSD to HTML service. I’m going to try all means to market for it, including but not limited to traditional SEO, PPC and affiliate programs. I firmly believe in my positions and strong will to make it work.

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Kavoir now does follow your comment link!

However it still needs my moderation before they appear on the page, but if they do, it is a valid backlink from the perspective of a search engine crawler.

If you are looking for more dofollow blogs to comment on, please head to, which makes more than 800 dofollow blogs searchable. Just search the keywords of your niche and you can now build free backlinks in a more targeted way.

Anyway, happy commenting guys, I could really use a little popularity. 😉

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Joyfulness is the ultimate secret for any successful website

Be a happy webmaster, I must say to myself, to whom I owe the joyfulness of making websites. I shall from now on make websites for the only sake of my own enjoyment and confidence. And I believe it’s the only way to a successful website. It endures and delivers. It dominates. Because joyfulness itself is the ultimate goal of every human life.

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Check broken links on your site with this free tool

Xenu‘s the program(for windows) I’m talking about. I’ve tried a bunch of link checkers including those pretentiously online ones. This is the one that’s really working to solve your problem. And free!

Download it from here, or you might also want to check its page for FAQs and other instructions.

Install and run it. “File” -> “Check URL…”, then configure the starting point of your website, usually this could be your website URL, and click OK. You are now on it.


Done! You are asked if you want a report or not. Of course. And Xenu opens it in the form of a web page. It then prompts you for an orphan check on your FTP site, simply ignore it by clicking Cancel. Ok, you should be in front of the report page now.

Other decent web-based link checkers include:

  1. W3C Link Checker: only the specified page is checked, no hopping interpagely.
  2. Link Checker: the famous Microsoft bCentral toolkit, one page at a time.
  3. Link Valet: a link checker since long long ago, in a galaxy far far away … It gives you the answer after all the checking is done, so be patient while your browser’s loading like forever.
  4. The hawknest Basic Link Check: one page at a time, and neatly presents only the faulty links.
  5. 2bone Link Checker: very fast link checker, you can choose to receive results in a single page or dozens of pages.
  6. Link Checker : a modification of W3C Link Checker.

Aside from these online link checkers, you can also find a FireFox addon, LinkChecker to do the job for you. It checks all links on the page you are visiting and distinguish them with different colors to tell which ones are broken.

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You are powering the web, get noticed today!

The quickest way to get started on publishing on the web, 8 out of 10 people would agree, is blogging. Blogging is very effective in communicating, especially after the entry into the era of web 2.0. People have come together to urge a global community to form. Ideas are more easy than ever to share and spread. Most bloggers are happy blogging, showing off their personalities, writing for the world to read, and reaching to an audience that’s interested in him or her. Content put online has exploded to its double, triple, and even more. These are exactly the essence of web 2.0. That is.

We power the Web.

Money is being made through blogging, too. A considerable small portion of those who blog are earning a decent living by blogging alone. Yes. Many are full time bloggers, like dear Darren Rowse. Although most of us can’t afford giving up daily job and maintain a career like this, blogging in your spare time does make your life better. And others.

Only connect.

Everyone is unique. Everyone has something to offer to the community. Contribute what you know, help others as you can, and you’ll be rewarded. Web is the best boss I know of as of now. He’s smart, unbiased, knows the answers to almost all your questions; rewards hard work and creativity. Work for him, and you won’t regret it.

Get noticed today, if you don’t have a blog yet, start one! Talk anything you like, your newly bought climbing gear, your annoying little brother or the book you just read. As you keep reading other people’s blogs and writing your own, you will be more clear in where you are heading. What to express, what your blog is going to be like and how to make people excited about what excites you!

Blogging systems I would recommend to first time bloggers, are Google Blogger and As 2 maturely developed blogging systems, they are both free, and justify their incredible popularity with full-fledged features and easy to use functionalities. Signing up is as simple as 3 steps, very probably in 5 minutes, you will be struggling to figure out what to say in your first post that declares your presence to the online world. Don’t panic in case you can rarely put together enough to talk about, and don’t worry about what other people might think of it. It’s normal. However, sticking on it will eventually pay off, both socially and financially.

Just speak out!

Writing is a good way to organize your thought, it keeps you smart along with discussion with other people. Your thoughts are precious. Write them down, and be confident of them. In this way, you grow and your blog develops.

More inspirations:

  1. WordPress Codex: Introduction to Blogging
  2. Start Blogging Online: How To Start a Blog – A Complete Beginner’s Guide
  3. Wikipedia: Blog
  4. M. Sean Gilligan’s Introduction to Blogging
  5. Darren Rowse and his ProBlogger