My Sites

Building websites and applications are my passion. These are some of the sites / businesses I built in the past 14 years. Will add more when I find time.

Top Classical Music

One of my earliest sites. Just a single page of the classical works I loved, with previews only. Designed and developed by me.

The site is in Chinese but the music is all classical ones from the western masters from Baroque to Contemporary. I ranked them. Planned to make an English version of this but never had the time. Designed and developed by me.

A bold venture that endeavors to collect and normalize all public data there are on the entire Internet and release them in API and download in a timely manner.

Nexky (Chinese)

Another very old site designed and developed by me. An eCommerce service site targetted at the Chinese market with just a desktop version. Never marketed it in any way.

A pretty successful small business I started in 2011. Customers love it but hardly any growth since then. The niche is small with few returning customers because of its eventful nature.

Usable Databases

Precious data sets and useful databases for sale. You can use the data sets to build websites and applications or for analytical purposes.

Online images format conversion service that enables you to instantly convert between image formats such as bmp, jpg, png, etc. You can also do basic editing of images such as resizing. Batch processing is available with the Windows software.

Auto Parts War

Pretty old site built in 2010. It doesn’t look fancy but it’s very usable with the progression navigations to find a specific car part. The auto parts data is dated a few years ago with parts and makes / models up to 2015. Will need to update the database soon.

There are actually A LOT more sites that I will add here when I have the time.

Contact me if you have something interesting and serious to offer, such as a new product, and I would be glad to co-venture with you.

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