Log Walking – Walk through your website logs and be in the shoe of a visitor

Well, just came across a rather insightful post by ronburk at Webmaster World, which by the way, is probably the most resourceful place for any veteran webmaster.

Consumer behavioral analysis is one of the most important part of any marketing campaigns in any industry. The better you get to know your customers, the better you know how to satisfy them and reach for their wallets. It’s the same with website marketing, whether you are selling your own products or you are advertising for others.

Step into the shoes of others

Stepping into the shoe of others is an essential business skill — a decent skill for a mutually satisfactory social life too.

  1. You step into the shoe of a customer to really know what they need and what they want while they dont’t know it.
  2. You step into the shoe of a business partner on certain terms and see how you can come to a win-win solution, not just beneficial to either one of you.
  3. You step into the shoe of your employee and make them truly love what they do instead of being a tyrant.
Log walking

Log walking, by ronburk, is essentially the process of analyzing server logs for visitor behaviors and applying the found patterns to your business benefits. To decide on what you are going to do such as changing website layout, writing an article, supplying a specific product or service or targeting a certain angle of prospects, you need to first check and think thoroughly of your business environment (market niche, competition, consumer base, advertising fierceness) ,second measure between current situation and your desired objective and third take actions to ax out the changes relentlessly.

Change is inevitably the only eternal thing in the universe, what worked a year ago might not necessarily continue bringing in bucks for you. You have to spot changes and adapt to them before they bite you.

Relying on AdSense for a passive income stream? Think again.

Blah Blah Blah

If these rumblings seem stupid to you, I’m writing to myself. Anyway, ronburk’s Log-Walking Your Way to >$$$ will certainly be a good read for those enterprising for AdSense.

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