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Facebook world mapStop! For a minute of break, feed yourself with these very interesting infographics, numbers, statistics and facts about, the zoo of people. There are also data and survey about other social networking sites such as Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace that are listed in comparison with Facebook for your curiosity.

An Average Day on Facebook – What do People Do?

  1. What do people do everyday on Facebook?
  2. What are your categories of friends?
  3. Engagement with the Facebook platform compared to that of Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace?

Average Day on Facebook

Google vs. Facebook on Privacy and Security

  1. With the launch of Google+, Google and Facebook now compete in even more areas.
  2. Comparison of Google+ and Facebook on income, unique visitors, etc.
  3. Privacy checklist and security checklist against Google and Facebook.

google vs. facebook on privacy security

Facebook vs. Twitter – Breakdown of Demographics

  1. Facebook users gender, income, age, education, location, etc.
  2. Twitter users gender, income, age, education, location, etc.

facbook vs. twitter demographics

Facebook Random Stats, Funding and Top Likes

  1. Facebook is available in 70 languages.
  2. 75% of Facebook users are outside the U.S.
  3. 250 million photos are uploaded on Facebook every single day.
  4. 2 billion posts on Facebook are liked and commented every single day.
  5. There are 800 million users actively engaging on Facebook and 50% of them log in Facebook every day.

infographic graphics facebook numbers

Facebook’s Criticisms, Missteps and Outright Failures

  1. Facebook persuaded millions of people to share stuff about themselves under the guise of privacy.
  2. It remembers everything you do and make them publicly accessible.
  3. Blah blah blah….

Facebook's criticisms, missteps and outright failures

How Many People are Obsessed with Facebook?

  1. There 500 million active users on Facebook, which means 1 in every 13 people on earth actively use Facebook.
  2. 48% of 18 to 34 year-olds check facebook right when they wake up.
  3. Blah blah blah….

How many people are obsessed with facebook?

A World without Facebook

Yeah, right….

World without facebook

Facebook Generates Business for Companies that Use It.

Businesses are found to get positive results engaging on Facebook with their own pages, by a recent survey conducted among small business owners.

Facebook survey for businesses 2011

The Demographics of Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter

A demographic breakdown of who uses the most popular social sites against the U.S. Population: Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter.

The Demographics of Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter

Internet Tools Social Networking

Use twitter in Windows active desktop to post anytime!

Windows active desktop is a feature that allows you to embed a browser window (viewport) on your actual desktop. Instead of a window form, it’s accessible anytime on the desktop yet never takes up any task bar spaces.

Windows XP users can activate active desktop following these procedures. Basically you just right click on the desktop and select Properties to open Display Properties. Go with Desktop tab, click Customize Desktop and select Web tab in the dialog form.

Create a channel for Twitter by clicking New. Type in for Location and click OK.

It starts to synchronize for this new web item. After a few seconds you should be good to go. Just make sure Twitter / Home is checked for display.

You may notice that there’s a nicely embedded browser window of on your desktop now. Move it around and place it somewhere handy after resizing it a little bit to fit the screen.

Isn’t that great! You can start posting twits from there from now on or if you can’t chances are you haven’t logged in yet.

Social Networking

I made digg homepage today!

It’s an article written by one of my friends and I did the first digg. In just 2 hours, it received over 400 diggs and made to the homepage of Fortunately it’s on sitepoint so none of our own sites were crippled in the Digg Effect.

Check it out:

Many added me as their friends on Digg today. It just feels awesome!

Updated: 🙁 Turns out 90% of those who added me as digg friends are spammers just like I was once upon a time, though I rarely shouted around…