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Webmium Review – WYSIWYG Website Builder

Webmium 40% Discount Promo Code: KAVOIRWebmium may not have much to look at on their website – for which they better hurry up and get a better design – it’s actually very very easy and intuitive to use.  With adequate features, abundant site templates to choose from, and hundreds of online marketing guides, it’s the combo solution for people who want to get their business website up in less than 10 minutes, without having to spend an arm and a leg to tackle the challenges of web design, web development, web hosting, and web marketing. Webmium has it all.

Unbelievably Easy and Intuitive

After a few minutes of clicking and typing, my first site on Webmium was up and running – Xi’an Jobs. I didn’t have to think once to get my job done. Everything seemed to be right there when I needed it. I felt like a breeze being pushed by the wind, naturally and comfortably and never did I have to sweat any effort to accomplish the whole website which is decent enough for most undertakings. Your site is well modularized so that you can freely switch between themes / layout and move around objects without jeopardizing anything. Your content is never hard coded.

A WYSIWYG Website Editor Better than Desktop Programs

Everyone can learn and start doing it in a minute. In fact, it’s so intuitive and easy that everything including editing text, uploading image, adding contact form and creating another page is accomplished within one editor page. Check out the editor screenshot:

webmium website editor

You don’t get any more WYSIWYG than this. Lots of desktop website creator programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web available on the market who claim to be WYSIWYG don’t come up close. You have to view the produced web page in a browser to see the final results. But with Webmium, it’s all in there, 100% WYSIWYG and never again do you have to scratch your head and ask why the hell does it look so different in the browser from that in the editor.

Free Entry Plan – Very Good for SEO

Best of all it’s free and they’ve got tons of FREE templates to choose from. You should get one up on Webmium right now. Sign up with them. It’s definitely worth the time to have an external page of content up for the sake of SEO. Be sure to create useful, original and rich content or Google won’t buy it just because it’s on a distant IP. Webmium has an auto-submission feature that after you have published your site it will automatically submit the site to search engines like Google.

My tiny site about Xi’an Jobs ( ) was indexed by Google 8 hours after being published at Webmium. Definitely looks promising from the perspective of SEO.

Quick Built-in Guides to Kick Start Your Online Marketing

For small business owners who don’t know how to have their own website online, Webmium is the no-brainer choice. It has got hundreds of articles and guides in the Marketing Academy on how to do it and what the best practices are, about not only the technical aspects but also the marketing part. It’s a perfect companion for starter small businesses owners who want to have their website up today, in the minimum effort and cost possible. And you are well guided along the way with built-in tips while you are building your online presence.

What can be improved about Webmium?

It’s a greatly simple and useful solution for starter business owners but there are definitely ways that Webmium can be improved. I’ll just lay out a few of the problems I met when playing with it:

  1. Currently there’s no way I can add text beside the logo. It’s either a logo or a text but you can’t combine.
  2. I don’t seem to be able to align social buttons such as facebook like buttons and tweet buttons together. Weird.
  3. Unable to modify footer attribution to add copyright notice, etc. I guess it’s because I’m on the free plan. You would probably be able to do that after upgrading to the PRO plan.
  4. For now, each account is limited to one website / domain. I think they can definitely offer the ability to create and manage multiple websites under one account in the PRO plan.

Other than these, Webmium is looking a prosperous future if they keep shaping it better.

Upgrading to PRO? Use a Promo Code!

Webmium was kind enough to offer an exclusive promo code to the readers of If you want to take advantage of the PRO plan that offers all the easiness to build a small business website as well as unlimited storage and bandwidth, use promo code:

Click To Open/Copy

Like this:

Webmium Promo Code

When you are upgrading but before making payment. It would give you a nice 40% discount off the listed price.

Free Web Templates

A simple business web template with PHP contact form

The other day I created a simple website template in PHP for one of my friends and he eventually decided that he’s not going to need the website any more so I’m releasing it here for just $2.5 a copy. You are free to use it on any sites that you own.

Just purchase it at here: and use the coupon code: SPECIAL5 to claim the $5 discount. You will be immediately downloading the template after paying via PayPal. Totally automatic.

I wanted to set up a demo for this template but it only works in the root directory of the domain so I’m going to save the trouble. If you decide that you don’t like it after paying and downloading, just let me know via the contact from on the sales page and I’ll issue the refund. No questions asked. 😉

Update: We have also a business directory script and a contact form script readily to be deployed to your website. Very easy to use and install.

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Yet Another Joomla Template Including Original PSD, HTML + CSS and Fonts

free joomla template Face2Face is the name of this Joomla template, released free by Template Kingdom. I don’t usually use Joomla but one has to admit there has been many excellent template themes for Joomla like this one, just as there are with WordPress.

I love the colors of this template: relatively light but not too bright to be eye friendly, very enjoyable to look at as a result of all those intermediary colors constantly found in nature. The layout is tight and contains as much content as possible yet leaves enough blank for outstanding texts such as a slogan.

If you are ever looking for a Joomla template that’s as gentle as green tea, refreshing with grass warmth, this theme is it.

You can download it here, it’s completely free.

Still thirst for more? Here’s the extra premium website templates.

Free Web Templates Web Design Tips and Insights

Free CSS + HTML Template: Fashion Club Website (with fonts and PSD source)

fashion web template Template Kingdom is one of the best template and design sources on the Web. Other than a spectrum of website template sets for thousands of different niches and needs such as plain html templates, flash templates, css templates, joomla templates, wordpress templates and newsletter templates, they regularly releases free web templates.

This round, it’s the Fashion Club free html template designed exclusively for fashion websites. You can download the template package including the HTML /CSS source, JPG mockup, PSD source and font files on this page.

However, you have to bear in mind that the problem with all things free is that the value it provides is increasingly diluted by the large number of people who have access to it. To make your website and project truly unique, you’d want a design agency to sculpt an exclusive solution for you or you will need to buy some premium web templates, and Template Kingdom is one of the best at what they do.

Looking for more? Here’s some premium web templates.

Free Web Templates Free WordPress Themes

wordpress theme magmania refined to 1.01

It’s downloadable from here. Amuse yourself with the screenshot presented below.

magmania wordpress theme screenshot

Free Web Templates Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Theme – Vortex of Time

Not a full-fledged blog theme which lacks comment capabilities. For weird people only. You are warned.

Autumn style:
wordpress theme vortex of time, autumn style

Spring style:
wordpress theme vortex of time, spring style

Download it here:

Free Web Templates Free WordPress Themes

A grand new redesign – MagMania wordpress theme

Updated: added an extra style to have a taste of the lemon, aha~ Give it a try in here!

Thanks to Beccary, or this wordpress theme will never be possible. She is as inspiring as she is pretty!

mybeccary old kavoir design

MagMania is born with simplicity in mind, deprived of all bells and whistles, showing the true meaning of conciseness and striving to be as vigorous as possible. Single column it is, with Georgia as the sole font for typography, I intend to construct a theme that stands on its own feet.

magmania screenshot

However there’s more things to be done than can ever be said. I was planning to give the theme some more refinements before releasing it to public, yeah, I mean, only weird people like me love it in the current presence, don’t they. -D Moreover, the upcoming 2 weeks is doomed with toil for me cause’ it’s when the professors strain and grade us to decide which are good students and which are not. Though I have made some solid efforts this semester to get as far away from computer games as possible, I am still not in good shape in terms of exams. Ewwwww…..just so exhanstive you know, maybe I’ll never be in good shape.. 🙁 God why you made me go to college?

Forget the bullshit. Now I have prepared the page for you to download the theme, MagMania wordpress theme! Remember this is a work in progress, any suggestion would be appreciated.

Free Web Templates

Free Web Template: My Dear Lounge

I’m glad to introduce you to yet another template by me, My Dear Lounge! It’s templated with PHP, so should be easier to customize than the previous pure HTML template Nickl, which I have now translated from Chinese to English and put online along with the most current MDL. Check them out here and here! Some of the screenshots and related information are available below.

My Dear Lounge

  1. Name: My Dear Lounge
  2. Author: Yang Yang
  3. License: CC 3.0
  4. Preview:
  5. Requirement: PHP required
  6. Download:

My Dear Lounge, the free web template!

Overview of the raw design that is previously intended for one of my Chinese website,, now suspended as a result of time shortage. 🙁

My Dear Lounge head

Head navigation and logo. The logo is an original PNG backgrounded, so you can adapt it as you want in any graphic editor that swims with PNG. See more logo design inspirations.

My Dear Lounge foot

The footer.


  1. Name: Nickl
  2. Author: Yang Yang
  3. License: CC 3.0
  4. Preview:
  5. Requirement: Any web hosting will suffice
  6. Download:

Nickl, the free web template in HTML!

Nickl is released in GPL the last time you saw it, should you had any chance of stumbling upon this post. After a few revisions and the thorough translation, I now release it under a CC 3.0.

People I learned from

I’m still a rookie designer, so I learn and imitate a lot from other veteran designers at present. They are so great that I don’t know when I could become as proficient as they are now! My thanks goes to the following designers and developers when I’m making these 2 templates:

  1. Cameron Moll: He’s just too talented to imitate, I think, his design is always so pleasant to look at. Borrowed one or two colors from his portfolio, hopefully he won’t mind. 🙂 The greatest I believe he is.
  2. Is it Matt? Or some other developer? Anyway, you can see how my footer nav and links in the paragraphs resemble those of the main nav of In fact those are quite popular right now, but they started it, did they.
  3. Dan Cederholm: Frequent SimpleBits a lot, and Dan has given me a lot to ponder about.
Free Web Templates

A home made HTML web page template – simple, clean and free

Updated: Nickl, in addition to another template My Dear Lounge have been added to Kavoir Mag template section now. Check them out here and here. More hand-made easy-to-use templates are on their way! 🙂

I named it Nickl! It’s just comprised of 4 pages, 6 images and 1 stylesheet that I have fabricated for my resume. Really simple and plain design. I now release it in public domain and you are granted the rights to use it in whatever way your enjoy.

Nickl, the free web template!

Download it here. Be happy! 🙂