Free Web Template: My Dear Lounge

I’m glad to introduce you to yet another template by me, My Dear Lounge! It’s templated with PHP, so should be easier to customize than the previous pure HTML template Nickl, which I have now translated from Chinese to English and put online along with the most current MDL. Check them out here and here! Some of the screenshots and related information are available below.

My Dear Lounge

  1. Name: My Dear Lounge
  2. Author: Yang Yang
  3. License: CC 3.0
  4. Preview:
  5. Requirement: PHP required
  6. Download:

My Dear Lounge, the free web template!

Overview of the raw design that is previously intended for one of my Chinese website,, now suspended as a result of time shortage. 🙁

My Dear Lounge head

Head navigation and logo. The logo is an original PNG backgrounded, so you can adapt it as you want in any graphic editor that swims with PNG. See more logo design inspirations.

My Dear Lounge foot

The footer.


  1. Name: Nickl
  2. Author: Yang Yang
  3. License: CC 3.0
  4. Preview:
  5. Requirement: Any web hosting will suffice
  6. Download:

Nickl, the free web template in HTML!

Nickl is released in GPL the last time you saw it, should you had any chance of stumbling upon this post. After a few revisions and the thorough translation, I now release it under a CC 3.0.

People I learned from

I’m still a rookie designer, so I learn and imitate a lot from other veteran designers at present. They are so great that I don’t know when I could become as proficient as they are now! My thanks goes to the following designers and developers when I’m making these 2 templates:

  1. Cameron Moll: He’s just too talented to imitate, I think, his design is always so pleasant to look at. Borrowed one or two colors from his portfolio, hopefully he won’t mind. 🙂 The greatest I believe he is.
  2. Is it Matt? Or some other developer? Anyway, you can see how my footer nav and links in the paragraphs resemble those of the main nav of In fact those are quite popular right now, but they started it, did they.
  3. Dan Cederholm: Frequent SimpleBits a lot, and Dan has given me a lot to ponder about.

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