Kavoir & Whatever Review: 5/5 Best Premium Shopify Theme I Know of Thus Far

I have started several Shopify stores that are now still online and making money for me since 2017. It’s been a terrific experience as Shopify has made so many things so simple after the golden old days when you had to provision and manage a server yourself with hand coded websites on your own garage computers.

Now I just find the perfect theme and install it on my Shopify store and I would have everything ready without worrying about nothing technicals or uptimes.

I used about 30 different themes since I started my first store and bought about 10. Up until now I can say the best ones are by Archetype Themes: Motion and Impulse, both of which I purchased for my stores.

Reason 1

Over 300 5-star reviews which is really rare among Shopify premium themes. Those users can’t be wrong.

Reason 2

I’m a perfectionist who changes and refines everything that doesn’t come good enough for me or the users, e.g. font sizes, color contrasting, checkout experiences, button sizes, page navigation easiness, etc..

The issue I found in a lot of themes in the market, be it for Shopify or WooCommerce, especially those at, is that they are made by designers who have no experience in eCommerce at all, and that the themes are actually bad in conversions.

They look good but don’t work well for human.

In most cases, I had to do a lot of customizations to get the theme right in user experiences so it doesn’t work against conversions in sales. However, surprisingly, I needed to do zero improvements to Archetype themes after examining and testing both of Motion and Impulse inside out.

Yes, zero, nothing at all. From my experience in eCommerce for the past 6 years, they did everything right in the first place.

Reason 3

Rich features and functionalities are the final reason why I loved the themes. Everything just works out of the box. Saves me a lot of time.

I also love about their flexible sections for promotions and pictures.


From my experience, these are absolutely the 5/5 themes for Shopify that you must get for your next store. Highly recommended by an enthusiastic user.

You may want to check out the stores I built with Motion and Impulse. One is ChicksHQ and the other is TheDepts.

Business and Marketing Linux Server Administration Tips

Clone any static site by a simple Linux command WGET

Just use this and the WGET command will start crawling the target site and download certain levels of pages from the starting URL, including all its assets such as images or CSS files.

wget -k -K -E -r -l 1 -p -N -F --convert-links -H,,, --restrict-file-names=windows

The -D option specifies all the hosts that WGET should download the resources from in local files. Resources of hosts not specified in the option will be kept as is.

The issue for now is that I don’t know how to make it download dynamic images in data-src attributes, such as the images that will only show when scrolled into view.

Other that that, it’s a perfect command.

Kavoir & Whatever

New Directory Site: Machining Services & Machine Shops

This is a collaborative project with one of my friends in college who owns a fairly large machining workshop in Jiangsu, China. He came to me looking for help to build a new site for his business to reach new customers.

While I can do exactly what he asked, I believe it’s much better to start from the industry level rather than from a business level.

Therefore I created the directory of machine shops and machining services,

All the days and dates are approximate.

Day 1 (2019.10.25)

Created the directory with the listingpro WordPress theme for which I’d rate 3.8/5 after paying $69. I can live with it now but if I’m starting a new project of similar purpose, I’d use my in-house site script for low-maintenance and evergreen-ness which is the key to cash flow in the long term.

WordPress and its themes / plugins are great to start something but it’s becoming unpredictable with regards to updates and version compatibilities among all the themes and plugins maintained by independent teams. It’s very easy to break a working site 1 or 2 years into the future when you have to update something.

Day 2 (2019.10.26)

Used to get the listings data from Google Maps via the API and imported in the Get Machining site. Now we have a total of 23,000 entries of machining shops in the United States.

Looking to get more in other countries such as UK, Germany, China, and India.

Day 3 (2019.10.27)

Tweaked the site and the theme a bit so it’s more usable.

Day 9 (2019.11.2)

Added the site to Google Analytics and then Google Search Console.

As always, if you have any questions of insights of this, leave comments.