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A Brief History of Video Games [Infographic]

Gaming sites. Of all the money making blogs, eCommerce, or even corporate websites on the web, perhaps none is more effective at bringing in the cash than those hosting game communities. The “why” of this is pretty obvious, kids and grownups spend huge sums at play, particularly digital playground play.

So, the reader is asking; “How did all that game frenzy thing start?” Well, games are about as old as mankind actually. But, for the digital age, or at least the age of electronic equipment, games and the graphics that support them have made an amazing journey. Perhaps the best way to understand why games and the sites that support them are so popular and profitable, is to take an insightful look at just how graphics have played their role.

What exactly are human beings able to put up with in order to play pretend they are really snuffing out those aliens, hitting that tennis ball back at an opponent? The cool infographic below reveals the graphical trip games have made into our lives and minds.

COLOURlovers History of video game colors

Created by COLOURlovers

So, as you can see, a lot about playing games early on was about “tweaking” the imagination only.” Not many people would sit and play pong for hours on end nowadays, not with Wii Sports around, not to mention Kinect by Xbox. One has to wonder what the next progression into graphical child’s play will be? But, for anyone considering starting up their own blog, the game space has to be a top choice if making money is the goal. Make no mistake though, the competition is tough out there.

Be sure to find more infographics at my W3EC blogs.

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MySQL: Huge Table Not Responding after Adding Index

Today I’m optimizing some MySQL tables with large number of records – 1 million of them, yeah, I know – , it’s simply impossible to deal with such big chunks of data without proper indexing. So there I was, adding a variety of indexes to a few of the columns.

It’s expected it’d take a few hours to complete with such mega size tables, but what’s not expected is that after 2 days, the index adding seems to be still going on as all the tables are not responding to any queries. I can’t even select the first record. It takes *forever*, both from phpmyadmin and shell mysql.

What’s the catch? I’ve no idea. But let’s at least free those poor tables from choking first. So after dropping the index I was trying to add from mysql command line, all the tables returned normal.


DROP INDEX culprit ON bigtable

But the ultimate convict still eludes me. Any ideas? I still need to add those indexes.

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Largest U.S. Bankruptcies, 1980–Present

Just imagine, that much amounts of money just vaporized into thin air at a cause of nothing.

Company Bankruptcy date Total assets pre-bankruptcy (in millions)
Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. 9/15/2008 $691,063
Worldcom, Inc.1 7/21/2002 $103,914
Enron Corp.2 12/2/2001 $65,503
Conesco, Inc. 12/17/2002 $61,392
Pacific Gas and Electric Co. 4/06/2001 $36,152
Texaco, Inc. 4/12/1987 $34,940
Financial Corp. of America 9/9/1988 $33,864
Refco Inc. 10/17/2005 $33,333
IndyMac Bancorp, Inc. 7/31/2008 $32,734
Global Crossing Ltd. 1/28/2002 $30,185
Bank of New England Corp. 1/7/1991 $29,773
Calpine Corp. 12/20/2005 $27,216
New Century Financial Corp. 4/2/2007 $26,147
UAL Corp. 12/9/2002 $25,197
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 9/14/2005 $21,801
Adelphia Communications 6/25/2002 $21,499
MCorp. 3/31/1989 $20,228
Mirant Corp. 7/14/2003 $19,415
American Home Mortgage Investment Corp. 8/6/2007 $18,829
NTL, Inc. 5/8/2002 $16,834

1. Worldcom, Inc. assets taken from the audited annual report dated 12/31/2001.

2. The Enron assets were taken from the tax documents filed on 11/19/2001. The company has announced that the financials were under review at the time of filing for Chapter 11.

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Google AdWords mistake (a bug?)

Naturally, you’d never expect an AdSense ad of a site to appear on itself. But this I just encountered, indicates an inherent *bug* of AdWords.

adwords bug

Or is it? But I’ll never understand otherwise. What’s the point? Maybe there’s an option for the AdWords advertiser to opt out of his advertisement listing being published on his very own site with AdSense on, but can’t Google just do it automatically. My other guess is that for a very large community site such as a popular forum, there are people (who are members of the community) who wants to advertise to the very audience (mostly members) of the site, sets up a campaign via AdWords targeting them and puts the ad exclusively on the site which is also targeted a part of it.

Anyway, I believe Google should automatically turn this off by default and let the advertiser himself to explicitly turn it on.

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3 rather interesting computer related how to

Your mouse suddenly got offline by itself and you only got half an hour before the presentation yet the PPT still needs a few adjustments. Thank God you know how to use computer without a mouse.

A retiring computer is hardly environment-neutral, you need to dispose them properly as various parts of it contain toxic chemicals. Basically, you have 4 ways to recycle a computer.

This is the fun part. An essential part of being a good hacker, many may not know, is to be able to guess passwords. People are too easy to use catchy texts or numbers for their passwords, if you know them well enough, chances are you may have guessed it right after a few tries.

Hilariously Funny or Creepy WordPress How To

WordPress: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable when Posting New Posts or Modifying Existing Posts

It’s weird that I encountered this problem that when you post new posts in WordPress, there’s a possibility that it may run into a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable error without publishing the article at all.

I did some split tests and in this post, the string ‘fopen’ which is a php function seems to be the culprit that prevents the post being posted, constantly causing the wordpress to make 503 service temporarily unavailable errors when you hit Publish or Update.

One workaround is to do the split tests on your posts and see which part of it is causing the problem so that you can change it to something else until WordPress accepts.

Haven’t notified the wordpress team yet, don’t know if they have received other complaints about this bug (or is it) or not, I think I’m just too lazy to send the report. Whatever… as long as you can get things done, doesn’t really matter if there’s a glitch.

Problem Solved

Update: Turns out this error is not alone in WordPress and not a bug of it at all. Some of the administration tasks of other CMS software such as posting posts with PHP code in them and uploading stuff would also trigger a module in Apache called Mod_security to be over sensitive. The solution is to disable the module (not recommended), or put a simple line into the .htaccess file of the site to tell Mod_security that:

  1. All requests from this particular IP address is absolved from being inspected and monitored by Mod_security module –
    SetEnvIfNoCase Remote_Addr ^123\.123\.123\.123$ MODSEC_ENABLE=Off
  2. All requests made to this specific PHP script is absolved of being checked for malicious attempts –
    SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI ^/wp-admin/async-upload\.php$ MODSEC_ENABLE=Off

With WordPress, the potentially problematic scripts I know include:

  1. /wp-admin/async-upload.php
  2. /wp-admin/post.php
  3. /xmlrpc.php

So depending on the error you are getting from the task you are performing, insert one or two lines into the .htaccess to prevent any unnecessary 503 errors. Read more about this issue at DreamHost wiki.

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Software Development & Programming Cartoons, Web Comics and Caricatures for Programmers, Developers, Software Engineer and Geeks

programmer cartoons, comics of programming

We lost the documentation on quantum mechanics. You'll have to decode the regexes yourself.

programmer cartoons, comics of programming

programmer cartoons, comics of programming

programmer cartoons, comics of programming


Dilbert's randon number generator

Computer holy wars

Token ring networks

The only valid measurement of code quality: WTFs/minute

int get_rand_number(){ return 4;}

Internet full

Checking whether build environment is sane ... build environment is grinning and holding a spatula.  Guess not.

"When I started programming, we didn't have any of these sissy 'icons' and 'Windows.' All we had were zeros and ones -- and sometimes we didn't even have ones. I wrote an entire database program using only zeros." "You had zeros? We had to use the letter 'O'." -Dilbert (Scott Adams)

Nerd Sniping


How it Works

Code Monkey

evolution of language

Terms and Conditions cartoon from

Dilbert Fax

Doctor Fun...

State machines

Rubic-cube bra

development flowchart


oh comic , cartoon

Signs your coders don't have enough work to do

The doomed project

Old black and white version (there's nothing new under the sun)

I've got a war to fight!

foxtrot comic

developer comic and cartoon

Classical learning curves for some common editors

Geek hero

programmer comic

Contiki Strip

Contiki Strip

FoxTrot Comic

Programmer life

ladies and gentlemen: mr. stack overflow!

Emacs Thumb

Hackles, by Drake Emko & Jen Brodzik

learn flow chart comic picture

Geek hero

The main thing I love is the thought of Stallman engaging RIAA agents in sword fights towards the end :)

programming cartoon

You vs Technology

Business and Marketing Content / SEO Tips & Tutorials Hilariously Funny or Creepy Kavoir & Whatever

Linking back to start a war!

While there’s a positive backlink without rel=”nofollow” on an ordinary a tag that adds favorable link juice for the linked site,  and there’s a neutral backlink with rel=”nofollow” that does nothing other than sending some clicking traffic, there should also be a negative backlink that’s meant to be in attacking position to the linked site, representing a vote down to the linked site thus its search engine positions.

In a case such as this, people would generally want to link back to the bad guys for the sake of story but wouldn’t want the fight to benefit them in any way and boost their search engine rankings. Instead, Google could introduce a new attribute tag like rel=”hell” or rel=”condemned” or rel=”evil” to accomplish such task.

Imagine people starting to bitch about each other and fighting back and forth with all these sorts of negative backlinks and big guys with strong networks of web presence defaming people who they don’t like.

Isn’t this hilarious! 😀

Fonts & Typography Hilariously Funny or Creepy Web Design Tips and Insights

Periodic Table of Typefaces

periodic table of typefaces

Authored by Squidspot, this would make a great poster for fellow web designers and typography lovers!

Domains Hilariously Funny or Creepy Kavoir & Whatever

GoDaddy: 2 Bad Features Combined Into 1 Great Feature

So lots of people are complaining about:

  1. GoDaddy barricading domain transfers by denying transfer requests on domains which have recently been modified in contact information (for the last 60 days).
  2. Their poor security features (no even security questions when modifying name servers or contact information) and high potential to lose premium domains.

Yeah, they suck. Well, as such, I have an idea. Why not combining the 2 sucking features into 1 great security feature! How?

  1. For premium domain owners, make sure you submit and update your contact information of all the domains you have at GoDaddy every 60 days. Don’t have to change it in any way, just resubmits will do.

Bang! You now have the the most secure domain registrar in the universe. No one but God can transfer your domains away as long as GD remains the same with their 60-day contact modification policy!