GoDaddy: 2 Bad Features Combined Into 1 Great Feature

So lots of people are complaining about:

  1. GoDaddy barricading domain transfers by denying transfer requests on domains which have recently been modified in contact information (for the last 60 days).
  2. Their poor security features (no even security questions when modifying name servers or contact information) and high potential to lose premium domains.

Yeah, they suck. Well, as such, I have an idea. Why not combining the 2 sucking features into 1 great security feature! How?

  1. For premium domain owners, make sure you submit and update your contact information of all the domains you have at GoDaddy every 60 days. Don’t have to change it in any way, just resubmits will do.

Bang! You now have the the most secure domain registrar in the universe. No one but God can transfer your domains away as long as GD remains the same with their 60-day contact modification policy!

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