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Best Damn Premium WordPress Theme for Professional Blogs: THESIS

Best and most powerful premium wordpress theme for professional blogging Imagine the best WordPress theme you have ever used and then triple the pleasure you enjoyed with it – that’s what Thesis can give you.

Whatever your niche is, if you are ever after a powerful, beautiful WordPress premium theme well balanced between functionality and customizability with best support from the author, this is the deal.

Epic WordPress Theme for Heroic Bloggers

Let’s sum up a list of what an epic WordPress theme should accomplish:

  1. The design – of course, what more can we expect from a theme than the exterior beauty itself. If simplicity is the ultimate aesthetic sophistication, Thesis is the ultimate simplicity.
  2. The functionThesis has all the built-in functions and little gimmicks you have seen across all WordPress themes combined. No more nor less, they are just what you need when you need them.
  3. The code – Forget it, you won’t need a single touch of the theme code to make any customization any more. Thesis comes with its own full-fledged magic panel that’s so powerful and so intuitive to use, your blog instantly becomes WordPress 4.0 while the rest are still using the newly released WP 2.8.
  4. The support – Every theme buyer / owner will have his or her own login details at the official site to access the control panel and support desk as well as tools to resell the theme to their clients at a much discounted price.
  5. The audience – As undoubtedly the One WordPress Theme, Thesis has been adopted by hundreds of pioneer bloggers that are admired by tens of millions of readers and visitors per month. Looking for more?
  6. WordPress 2.8? – No, it’s WordPress Thesis.

I’m personally a user of Thesis and have been extremely happy with it on a bunch of my blogs: Virtual Assistants, Database Press and Induction Heaters.

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wordpress theme magmania refined to 1.01

It’s downloadable from here. Amuse yourself with the screenshot presented below.

magmania wordpress theme screenshot

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Free WordPress Theme – Vortex of Time

Not a full-fledged blog theme which lacks comment capabilities. For weird people only. You are warned.

Autumn style:
wordpress theme vortex of time, autumn style

Spring style:
wordpress theme vortex of time, spring style

Download it here:

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A grand new redesign – MagMania wordpress theme

Updated: added an extra style to have a taste of the lemon, aha~ Give it a try in here!

Thanks to Beccary, or this wordpress theme will never be possible. She is as inspiring as she is pretty!

mybeccary old kavoir design

MagMania is born with simplicity in mind, deprived of all bells and whistles, showing the true meaning of conciseness and striving to be as vigorous as possible. Single column it is, with Georgia as the sole font for typography, I intend to construct a theme that stands on its own feet.

magmania screenshot

However there’s more things to be done than can ever be said. I was planning to give the theme some more refinements before releasing it to public, yeah, I mean, only weird people like me love it in the current presence, don’t they. -D Moreover, the upcoming 2 weeks is doomed with toil for me cause’ it’s when the professors strain and grade us to decide which are good students and which are not. Though I have made some solid efforts this semester to get as far away from computer games as possible, I am still not in good shape in terms of exams. Ewwwww…..just so exhanstive you know, maybe I’ll never be in good shape.. 🙁 God why you made me go to college?

Forget the bullshit. Now I have prepared the page for you to download the theme, MagMania wordpress theme! Remember this is a work in progress, any suggestion would be appreciated.