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Make Firefox to Not Send HTTP Referer (or On a Per-Site Basis)

By default browsers such as Firefox sends the Referer information to the target URL in the HTTP header, as defined by HTTP protocol, so the destination URL / website knows where you have come from. For instance, when you click this link to one of my friends’ sites, it would know you have arrived at Princessly from this page:

Because Firefox sends this information in the HTTP header.

While this is very valuable data to many parties, such as the website owners (who can analyze traffic sources) and market analysts (who wants to know people’s interests and habits so as to sell well), it can be bad for our privacy because it is disclosing our browsing information to the websites we are visiting. You may want to disable Firefox from sending the referrer.

How to disable Firefox to send HTTP referrer?

Just type:


In your Firefox address bar and click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.

In search, type:


And an entry reading “network.http.sendRefererHeader” would come out with a value that’s 2 by default. Right click on the entry and click “Modify”. Input 0 and click OK.

Restart your Firefox, and now it should not send any referer information any more. And no website would ever know where you were before coming to them.

Not Send Referer on a Per-Site Basis in Firefox?

However, sometimes this may break something as legitimate sites are also using referer information to better serve you. There must be some sites that you don’t quite trust and wanted to disable referer for them.

Simple. Just use the RefControl add-on for Firefox.

After installation, you should see a tiny button on the Add-on Bar, at the bottom of the Firefox window. When you are at the website, click on the button and select “RefControl Options for This Site” and you will have this dialog box:

block referer in Firefox

Just select your intended option for this particular site. If you do not want to send any referer information to this site, just select “Block – send no referrer” and click OK.

That’s it. Now Firefox will send no HTTP referer information to this particular site but will keep sending it to all other sites.

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Software to Convert PDF to MS Word Format

PDFZillaOne of my friends has created a very useful piece of software to do PDF to Word conversions. I find his product a breeze to use so I’m recommending it to my fellow readers. Hopefully it would be of some use to you guys.

Differences between PDF and Word

PDF (.pdf) and MS Word (.docx, .doc) are probably two of the most popular digital file formats for readable documents that are intended for humans. The major difference between the two is that MS Word can be easily edited while PDF is a finalized container of postscript data that are essentially non-editable vector information. Although you can read text in a PDF document, they are actually vector graphics rather than plain text such as those in a MS Word document.

This difference explains why people would want to convert a PDF document to a Word one as they can then make changes to the content and make further use of it. A lot of online tools and desktop applications exist for this purpose, such as PDFZilla, which provides easy procedures to imitate an OCR process to scan and analyze the supplied PDF document and convert it into high quality editable Word, in just 3 clicks. A batch mode is also available for people who want to convert a large number of PDF documents.

How to convert PDF to Word?

This is as simple as 3 clicks. Here are the steps:

  1. Head to and download the latest version of the PDF to Word software.
  2. Run PDFZilla.
  3. Add a PDF file by clicking the big green plus / add button.
  4. Choose the destination format as Word Files (*.doc).
  5. Click “Start Converting Now” button.

Okay, that’s like 8 clicks, but you got have some clicks…😉

Selling PDFZilla for 75% Commission

Lots of my readers are webmasters, so I’m also thinking this might be a good chance to earn some bucks by promoting this software as it’s rather generous of my friend’s offer – 75% affiliate commission. It’s very rare to come by a product of such usability yet of such high commission rate. Definitely much better than those ClickBank hit and run. Think about it.

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Enable Firefox Spell Checker for Single-line Text Input

Firefox has come with a tremendously useful feature that is the spell checking. However the problem is, by default, it only checks the spelling of text in <textarea></textarea> the block text input. How to make it also check the spelling of <input type=”text” /> so that we can be worry-free of misspelled words in single-line input text boxes as well such as when you are entering article titles, product names, etc.?

There is a very simple way to do this. Just fire up your Firefox, type in the address bar and enter:


And then filter by:


So that you would see a configuration line like this:

firefox spell checker settings

Double click on the Value and change it from 1 to 2. That’s it.

You don’t even have to restart Firefox and it will start inspecting all single-line input text boxes for wrong spellings from now on.

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Moredays: Beautiful Productivity Tool To Release iOS Apps Soon

I have previously reviewed Moredays, the cool productivity tool that is also fun, right after its Beta launch in October last year.

Since then, the digital organizer and scrapbook in one has continued improving, adding in for example the ability to sync with Google Apps, that now makes it pleasure to use. They’ve stayed true to focus on photos and graphics, which alone would warrant a second try, but if you were still hesitant, the soon-to-be-released native iOS apps should make you change your mind.

moredays screens blog on iphone

Moredays focuses on bringing the best user experience for each device. Their iPhone app makes the most of the small screen, letting you easily check what’s on your agenda for any given day or add items on the fly.

The iPad version, on the other hand, seems like a great tool for someone eager to take notes in a meeting or get an overview of the whole week ahead.


Both of these apps are in final stages of development and testing and will be released in the next few weeks. Will you be checking them out?

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Webmium Review – WYSIWYG Website Builder

Webmium 40% Discount Promo Code: KAVOIRWebmium may not have much to look at on their website – for which they better hurry up and get a better design – it’s actually very very easy and intuitive to use.  With adequate features, abundant site templates to choose from, and hundreds of online marketing guides, it’s the combo solution for people who want to get their business website up in less than 10 minutes, without having to spend an arm and a leg to tackle the challenges of web design, web development, web hosting, and web marketing. Webmium has it all.

Unbelievably Easy and Intuitive

After a few minutes of clicking and typing, my first site on Webmium was up and running – Xi’an Jobs. I didn’t have to think once to get my job done. Everything seemed to be right there when I needed it. I felt like a breeze being pushed by the wind, naturally and comfortably and never did I have to sweat any effort to accomplish the whole website which is decent enough for most undertakings. Your site is well modularized so that you can freely switch between themes / layout and move around objects without jeopardizing anything. Your content is never hard coded.

A WYSIWYG Website Editor Better than Desktop Programs

Everyone can learn and start doing it in a minute. In fact, it’s so intuitive and easy that everything including editing text, uploading image, adding contact form and creating another page is accomplished within one editor page. Check out the editor screenshot:

webmium website editor

You don’t get any more WYSIWYG than this. Lots of desktop website creator programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web available on the market who claim to be WYSIWYG don’t come up close. You have to view the produced web page in a browser to see the final results. But with Webmium, it’s all in there, 100% WYSIWYG and never again do you have to scratch your head and ask why the hell does it look so different in the browser from that in the editor.

Free Entry Plan – Very Good for SEO

Best of all it’s free and they’ve got tons of FREE templates to choose from. You should get one up on Webmium right now. Sign up with them. It’s definitely worth the time to have an external page of content up for the sake of SEO. Be sure to create useful, original and rich content or Google won’t buy it just because it’s on a distant IP. Webmium has an auto-submission feature that after you have published your site it will automatically submit the site to search engines like Google.

My tiny site about Xi’an Jobs ( ) was indexed by Google 8 hours after being published at Webmium. Definitely looks promising from the perspective of SEO.

Quick Built-in Guides to Kick Start Your Online Marketing

For small business owners who don’t know how to have their own website online, Webmium is the no-brainer choice. It has got hundreds of articles and guides in the Marketing Academy on how to do it and what the best practices are, about not only the technical aspects but also the marketing part. It’s a perfect companion for starter small businesses owners who want to have their website up today, in the minimum effort and cost possible. And you are well guided along the way with built-in tips while you are building your online presence.

What can be improved about Webmium?

It’s a greatly simple and useful solution for starter business owners but there are definitely ways that Webmium can be improved. I’ll just lay out a few of the problems I met when playing with it:

  1. Currently there’s no way I can add text beside the logo. It’s either a logo or a text but you can’t combine.
  2. I don’t seem to be able to align social buttons such as facebook like buttons and tweet buttons together. Weird.
  3. Unable to modify footer attribution to add copyright notice, etc. I guess it’s because I’m on the free plan. You would probably be able to do that after upgrading to the PRO plan.
  4. For now, each account is limited to one website / domain. I think they can definitely offer the ability to create and manage multiple websites under one account in the PRO plan.

Other than these, Webmium is looking a prosperous future if they keep shaping it better.

Upgrading to PRO? Use a Promo Code!

Webmium was kind enough to offer an exclusive promo code to the readers of If you want to take advantage of the PRO plan that offers all the easiness to build a small business website as well as unlimited storage and bandwidth, use promo code:

Click To Open/Copy

Like this:

Webmium Promo Code

When you are upgrading but before making payment. It would give you a nice 40% discount off the listed price.

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Invoicera Review – Online Invoice Software & Client Billing Software

Let’s be honest here. One of the most dreaded dreams for any working professionals perhaps is generating timely and professional invoices. Important as they are for ensuring timely payments, it is a pain to sacrifice time and make an effort to track down all the details. If you are having a tough time preparing invoices and the accompanying reports, a valued solution that lies with you is Invoicera. Invoicera is a completely web hosted application that effortlessly works towards getting the invoice generation job done, in a professional manner.

A sturdy online invoicing and billing application, Invoicera provides you with a self explanatory user interface along with poignant and much sought after set of features and functionalities. Thus it seamlessly simplify and streamline the entire process of generating and sending invoices.

Invoicera control panel

Language Multiplicity and Multicurrency support

This is a major factor, which gives Invoicera an edge over various other online billing systems in the market. Invoicera supports 11 different languages and more than 100 currencies.

Effortlessly Manage Your Clients

In the client section apart from managing and adding your new clients you can also view their account statements and create custom fields and entries which you deem necessary.

To overview the complete details of any particular client there is an automated Report generator, which gives you the ease of analyzing the dealings and business you have had with the customer.

Incredible Time Tracking

With its expert time tracking capabilities, you can be rest assured to track down every minute of your time that you have spent on the projects for your clients. It completely nullifies all the worries surrounding time tracking and you can easily keep a check on how much time you have spent on a particular project.

Template Customization Service

In case you are not technically trained in customizing the look of the invoice / setimate templates, Invoicera provides you with the option of Invoice Template Customization service. This will provide you with the expert services of seasoned technical experts and you can easily customize the look of the invoice that you send, as per the need of your business.

Schedule Your Invoices Easily & Charge Late Fee from Defaulters

A stand out point of Invoicera is that unlike other similar apps, with Invoicera you can easily schedule each of the invoices needed to be delivered. You can simply schedule the date and time on which you need to send out the invoices to the users and the intuitive online invoicing solution that Invoicera is, it will make sure that invoices are delivered right on scheduled time. Besides, with just a click of the mouse, you can add the late fee charges and get reimbursed for the same.

Other Benefits That Invoicera Offers:

  • Login and carry out some invoicing tasks wherever you have access to the Internet either via PC or laptop,
  • Flexible pricing depending on your usage levels,
  • Constant updates and support,
  • No large up front application costs,
  • Data security and backup

In Short

Invoicera is vast enough to confound all the different invoicing requirements of your web site and you assure yourself productive gains by availing its services. Besides, their customer support and related services are impeccable and unmatched. Thus if at any time you stumble, Invoicera provides you with enough options to continue the smooth sailing.

Invoicera - online invoicing

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FFVCL – FFmpeg Delphi VCL for Video / Audio Apps Development

ffmpeg delphi vclThis post is dedicated to one of my friends, Coolie (not his real name but he preferred to be called that way among friends), a father and self-entrepreneur who created the outstanding Delphi VCL component for FFmpeg that makes it extremely easy to develop audio and video applications for Windows.

For those who are not Windows desktop developers, FFmpeg is the ONE video and audio applications library across all major platforms that is able to encode, decode, edit, convert and stream audio and video. It is widely adopted as the standard library for multi-media applications development. Chances are, what you currently have for media player in your operating system uses FFmpeg to do all the underlying work.

The problem with FFmpeg is that it’s only got a command line interface. You would definitely find it fascinating if you are a Linux guru, but not GUI users. Developers must create another layer of interface to accommodate end users, another layer of abstraction for FFmpeg, and that’s exactly where Coolie’s talent comes in, who heroically produced the Delphi VCL for FFmpeg and the ActiveX OCX Controls for FFmpeg. Problem solved for people who want to make video and audio applications in Windows but daunted by the command-line FFmpeg.

Simply ground-breaking work he has made, Coolie graduated from Tsinghua university, the China counterpart of MIT or Princeton – approximately 100,000 high school students each year compete for just 1 admission to Tsinghua. Think about that.

Feel free to bug him if you are interested in developing a multi-media application yourself – it’s not so hard as it may seem because many contemporary languages and platforms are made to be used by absolute programming beginners, such as VB.NET.

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Moredays: Cool Productivity Tool That’s Fun

Productivity tools don’t necessary make money for you, but they save money, especially those that help you keep organized, and save large amounts of data in one place so that you won’t have to access multiple sources to get much needed information. For people on the go, there’s no better, and more affordable solution, than productivity tools designed to sync between various devices, such as PC, tablets and smartphones.

Moredays is such a productivity tool – a cool calendar-cum-scrapbook  time management application based on photos and drawings. While many users will probably focus on creating cutesy calendars for their families, the business mind might reject it – and that would be a mistake. One of the best features of Moredays is that it records everything that is important to you.

When you add a new contact to your address book, Moredays can save complete information about the record, such as; when you added the contact, as well as notes, pictures and everything important related to that person. You can easily keep track of when you met your contact, and when you consult your notes related to that person, you will learn exactly what you were doing. To put it simply: Moredays is your personal diary, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere – because the information is saved safely in the cloud. Moredays is also a time saver, because, it’s so easy to use that even a child could figure it out, and because instead of having to type thousands of irrelevant tags to organize data, you can use a set of virtual “stamps”.

Another potential “cool” use for business, at the end of a contract with a customer, you can send her a printed version of your Moredays calendar together, as a reminder of the way you two conducted business every step of the way. A much better corporate gift than a keychain, if you know what I mean.

Moredays was designed to sync with Google Apps and Evernote – in the current beta these features don’t work yet, but they will with the public beta release in two weeks time. There are other features curently missing, like apps for iPhone and iPad – we expect to see them soon as well. In the meanwhile, why don’t you give Moredays a try? You’d be among the “early adopters.”

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Microsoft Office 365 Review & Screenshots – What will you get?

online software microsoft office365Office 365 is a set of team collaboration / productivity web applications for professionals, businesses, government agencies and education institutions. It currently offers 3 different plans:

  1. For professionals and small businesses, $6 / user / month, basic features
  2. For midsize businesses and enterprises, $12 and more / user / month, advanced features
  3. For education

And I signed up with the first one which is meant for individual professionals, or businesses / organizations with up to 25 employees, at $6 / user / month. For now, I have yet to reach the end of my first month, and I have only one user in my organization which is myself. So this review would be pretty straightforward and very limited to those who are looking at the multi-user features in team collaboration / communication.

You will need a credit card to sign up. To verify the credit card, They billed me $1 when I signed up and that’s it. So I guess they bill clients at the end of every month instead of at the beginning.

What I get for $6 / month?

For $6 / month at Microsoft Office 365, I get these cool stuff:

  1. Online web applications of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. You can create documents, edit and save them in your favorite web browser, and publish them to your team site so you and your colleagues can collaborate on them. You can also upload existing documents from your computer to Office 365.
    Shared documents:
    Word web app:
    Excel web app:
  2. Instant communication tool Lync 2010 enables you and your team members to send instant messages, easily set up online meetings and perform PC-to-PC audio / video calls.
  3. SharePoint Online. A public company website at that you can edit from SharePoint. The default theme looks like this:
    You can re-create your public website by 3 editing panels, namely Home, Insert and Design:
    From the content navigation sidebar on the left, you can add new content and remove existing content to the Recycle Bin: pages, documents, images, etc.
    And as always, you can also add your own top-level domain to SharePoint, from the Admin panel, rather than using a subdomain of
  4. Other than a public website, a private Team Site is pre-configured and ready to be edited when you (as the administrator) first sign in. This site is used as a portal for all team members where you can list contacts, shared documents, calendar entries / meeting schedules, announcements, discussion posts, and so forth. Much like editing the public website, you can freely edit the Team Site as if it’s a web page: lists, tables, images, links, etc.
  5. Exchange Online. Emails hosting under the domain Likewise, you can add your own domain for the emails thus having hosted at Office 365. Everything looks like the desktop applications. You would be using a very similar online version of Outlook (web app) and it’s very intuitive. The learning curve is minimal.
    A calendar (Week view): (also are Day view, Work Week view and Month view)
    User self management:
    Organization management:
  6. Full administration panel and organization management features:

Some quick facts about Office 365

  1. It bills you at the end of each billing term. For instance, if you started the plan on Jan. 15th, it would first bill you $1 to verify credit card and then $6 / month each month on Feb. 15th and on.
  2. If you cancel the subscription, your subscription will remain active until the end of the billing term.
  3. You get 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  4. You can add multiple domains to your service. The default one is for email and for team site / public site.
  5. You can use different plans / multiple subscriptions under one administrator account.

Official tours

For administrators:

For users:

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How to delete a Skype account so that it doesn’t appear in search?

Several of the Google results for ‘how to delete Skype account’ suggest that you can’t literally delete any Skype account once created. However it really bothers me that more than one account under one email address would definitely confuse people who have searched for you and are trying to figure out which one is the regular account of yours. Half of the chance is that he or she would end up with the wrong one.

So how can you delete extra Skype accounts so that you have only one user account under your email address?

The answer is you can’t. But you can change the registered email address of the extra accounts. Just sign in to your Skype account and go to to perform the change. After the change, people will see no more unwanted accounts under the original email. Problem solved.