Free 2GB HTML static web pages hosting

Dropbox - Sync your filesFor every free Dropbox plan, it comes with 2GB online backup storage that has a public folder in which you can publish HTML web page files that are publicly accessible around the Web. It will give you a URL that you can hand out to your friends so they can view the page on the Web anywhere anytime.

Basically, a free static HTML web hosting space (with potentially unlimited transfer).

Simply download the software and sign up with them, put the HTML file in the “Public” folder of your specified Dropbox directory. After a few seconds’ synchronization when there finally turns up a small green tick at the bottom left corner the file icon (which means the synchronization is successfully completed), right click on the file, point to “Dropbox” for the submenu and select “Copy Public Link“. Now you have the public URL address of the page.

Paste it into the address bar of your favorite browser, bravo! Now you have your own HTML web pages freely hosted on the Web! Check out what I’ve published on Dropbox!

The brilliant part is the ease of the hosting. Just create more web documents such as audio files, images and HTML pages, put them in the “Public” folder and you will have them online in no time because Dropbox automatically synchronizes everything you put in the folder. Want to modify the existing files, fine, just do it, save the changes and Dropbox would also automatically synchronize the update to the remote server.

Dropbox is not just a public host though, it’s easy to use and rocks as a photo gallery, online backup storage, file sharing and synchronizing machine.

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