Dropbox review — the most intuitive online backup storage, data synchronizing and files sharing software

Dropbox - file sync, sharing and backupI’ve tried quite a few online backup services to back up my valuable website data — you just can’t imagine what a nightmare it would be to lose all the files that you’ve been working on for the last half year — I even created my own backup programs that automatically syncs and stores designated files across multiple hosts, however, Dropbox has been the most intuitive application so far.

It’s revealed by Dropbox that backup shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

They’ve got a very slick clean style, both the application as well as the website are so designed that anybody can figure the whole thing out at a glance of 5 seconds. And that’s it. Everything you need to ever know is merely a folder named “My Dropbox”. Thus it goes incredibly breezy on first time users, doing the job perfectly and silently even when you have forgotten it.

Install and forget.

Working from the desktop of Windows, Linux and Mac, Dropbox is not just an online data storage provider, it’s also at its best as a data backup system, files sharing wizard, automatic synchronizerway-back time machine and free file host.

  1. Offsite remote data storage: this goes without saying. All files and data you put into the “My Dropbox” folder is automatically and quietly transferred to and stored at the their central server securely.
  2. Backup system: intuitively, after you have hit the save button, the document has been backed up on Dropbox servers. Otherwise, just drag and drop anything you’d like backed up on the remote server so a local hard drive crash won’t make you go nuts.
  3. Files sharing wizard: all the files and media (music, videos, photos etc.) can be instantly accessible and downloaded from the central servers across all the computers and mobile devices such as iphone that have Dropbox software installed.
  4. Automatic synchronizer: editing a document, saving it in the “My Dropbox” folder of your office PC and you can continue working on it after opening it from the same folder of your home Mac. The next day, you just open the same file in your office PC and it’s exactly the same file! Basically, any changes you made to those files are instantly synced to the server, thus across all computers of the sync software installed.
  5. Way-back time machineDropbox keeps historical versions of your files for 30 days by default, so that you can undo any changes or deletions you regret.
  6. Free file hosting: simply put any file into the “Public” folder and you will be given a public web address (URL) to hand out to your friends and everyone else so that they can view and download it.

Try them for free for 14 days and be ready to be impressed.

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  1. Emilie Piepenbrink

    DROPBOX.COM is worth a try in any case!
    I’m fully satisfied with this service. It has a wide range of functions and it’s free for the 2GB variant. Free and if you like anonymous registration with a free upgrade possibility up to 8GB. Follow this invitation to sign up to Dropbox:


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