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hawkhost It’s the first time I move kavoir.com to another host from Dreamhost (the last move to Linode was about some of my other sites). The entire move was great except that I was not quite familiar with cPanel and choked a little bit on the transfer and setup of all the interconnected files and database that had been spawned for the last 2 years.

The fact that Hawk host is using Litespeed instead of Apache caused some minor incompatibility issues – at least so it seemed – about which I contacted the support team. They got back to me after approximately an hour, friendly and helpful. The results are positive and problem successfully solved.

Though you will not find parallel documentations with Litespeed against Apache, they are generally interchangeable and Litespeed can handle about double or even triple the traffic of Apache with the same server resources (their official comparison). I think that’s one of the top reasons why Hawk host has been able to offer such a budget hosting without compromising the performance and reliability.

After confirming the domain was resolving to the new IP of Hawkhost, the next thing I did was to examine the loading speed of Kavoir. Results are shown below by Internet Supervision:

loading speed of hawkhost

The speed test stats were quite impressive, averaging at about 450 Kbps, the highest of all the stats I got from Dreamhost, Linode and Pair.com (though very incomplete to compare and give final judgment of the overall serving speed of these hosting providers).

All the reviews I found about Hawkhost on the web and WHT have been rather positive and purchase-encouraging. Search and read, so you know if you want to try them out with a few of your low traffic websites.

I’ll keep you updated for the months coming.

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  1. Thanks for the review – very well thought out and quite insightful. Let us know how everything has treated you a few months down the road!

    (Google Alerts picked up your blog post, in case you’re curious how I found it :)).

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