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GoDaddy: 2 Bad Features Combined Into 1 Great Feature

So lots of people are complaining about:

  1. GoDaddy barricading domain transfers by denying transfer requests on domains which have recently been modified in contact information (for the last 60 days).
  2. Their poor security features (no even security questions when modifying name servers or contact information) and high potential to lose premium domains.

Yeah, they suck. Well, as such, I have an idea. Why not combining the 2 sucking features into 1 great security feature! How?

  1. For premium domain owners, make sure you submit and update your contact information of all the domains you have at GoDaddy every 60 days. Don’t have to change it in any way, just resubmits will do.

Bang! You now have the the most secure domain registrar in the universe. No one but God can transfer your domains away as long as GD remains the same with their 60-day contact modification policy!

Computer & Internet Literacy HTTP Tips & Tutorials

HTTP Explained: What Does HTTP Stand For, What is HTTP Meaning and HTTP’s Definition?

What is HTTP in all the web site URLs / web page addresses you see everywhere online?

HTTP Explained: Just like people communicate with each other following certain protocols, HTTP is the protocol between the client (your computer using web browsers) and the server (web server serving web pages and similar online resources).

So what does HTTP stand for?

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It’s what browsers and web servers rely on for exchanging data so that you can surf the web, browse web pages, search Google, download pictures, and viewing YouTube. Developed by W3C and IETF in the last few years of the last century, it’s part of a bigger protocol family created to support the whole Internet, called TCP/IP. As a subset, HTTP’s responsibility is the World Wide Web or WWW.

By HTTP definition and usage, it’s fundamentally an information exchanging procedure standard between 2 communicating parties or computers, such as the client and the server. While you type a URL address in the web browser, the browser will have to know the protocol to use when fetching the remote resource such as a web page or a picture at that address. Failing to do so, as we most of the time would do without the http:// part, the browser will assume HTTP by default and prepend it to the URL address.

What does HTTP mean in a web address URL?

A web address representing an access point on the web almost always start with http://, immediately followed by the web page address such as in this one:

This is the root web site address of Google. And browsing to it, the server located at the address would serve up the home page of Google. This is all beyond the meaning of HTTP however, what this basically means is that, a web address consists of 2 basic parts:

  1. Protocol (HTTP)
  2. Address (WWW.GOOGLE.COM)

To understand HTTP and HTTP’s meaning, imagine your need to talk to someone. You will have to get his physical address and then you need to know the language he speaks (or any other possible routines you are expected to follow in order to talk to him instead of being rejected by him). And the role of language here is what the protocol of HTTP is playing in online addressing.

Why is HTTP important?

HTTP Definition: What does HTTP stand for and Why is HTTP so important? HTTP as a protocol is just part of a bigger protocol family that has been developed to make the whole Internet possible. Every second, billions of computers are communicating and exchanging data across the gigantic network, however, physically limited telecommunication facilities make it necessary to have rules.

Just like a huge metropolis with millions of cars. Wouldn’t it be a total mess should there be no traffic rules and regulations? It’s the same with the Internet. Without protocols like HTTP, it’d be a nightmare and all of this will be completely impossible.

That said, not only HTTP is indispensable for the Internet and WWW, but all other protocols are as important in Internet communications, albeit in less uses.

What is HTTPS and what does HTTPS stand for?

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure and is a secure version of HTTP. It’s basically an encrypted HTTP channel that encrypts all the information being exchanged, making transferring of confidential information secure from eavesdropping.

Does HTTP have peers or sisters?

Definitely. And FTP is one of them. You may have seen URL addresses similar to this:

With a ftp:// preceding, browsers would know it’s the FTP protocol that it needs to initiate the download.

Hilariously Funny or Creepy

A new religion

Oh my Google!

My Googleness!

May Google be with you!

Holy Google!

Google bless us all!

For the sake of Google, write a comment before you take your leave!


lol 😀

CSS & HTML Tips Web Design Tips and Insights

Cross browser compatible HTML table cellspacing and CSS border-spacing property

As a result of the failure of IE (IE6 and IE7) browsers to implement the border-spacing CSS property for HTML tables. The mere CSS rules below:

border-collapse:separate; /* border-spacing will be ignored should border-collapse:collapse;*/

Have no effect of widening the cells distance on IE.

To enable border spacing and cells gap, you will not only use the above rules in your CSS (for FF2, FF3, Opera 9.5, Safari 3 and Chrome) but also add the HTML table cellspacing property (for IE6 and IE7) to the table in HTML:

<table summary="" cellspacing="2">
SQL / MySQL Tips and Tutorials

SQL: Randomly Shuffle Rows or Records – Reorder them in a random order

Easier than it appears. Just create a new table and import all those rows and records random selected and ordered by the RAND() SQL function:


Of if you have created a table identical to the structure of the old one, use INSERT INTO instead:


That is of course if you want to preserve the primary key identification of each row, which is most likely what you want to do with old tables because of the legacy code and data entity relationships. However, if you want a grand new table with all the shuffled records completely rearranged in order as if it’s for a different application, you can ignore the primary key or ID by not importing the ID field of the old table.

For instance, you got ID, col1 and col2 in the old table as data fields. To create a grand new reordered or shuffled rows version of old table:

CREATE TABLE new_table SELECT col1, col2 FROM old_table ORDER BY RAND()

And a new primary key ID will be automatically assigned to each of the rows in the new table.

SQL / MySQL Tips and Tutorials

SQL: Select Random Rows or Records in MySQL

With PHP and MySQL, you may fulfill the same task by selecting all the rows into an array and choosing a random index with php function array_rand or mt_rand (better) but that would be all big overhead to do as you have to first read in the entire table.

The correct way is to get a random row directly with MySQL is:


That’s just one random row. If you want more than one, you’d just going to change the LIMIT clause:


Now it will pump out 4 independent random rows.

To know the random selecting SQL query in PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 or Oracle, Pete is the guy you’d be asking. 🙂

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Why Simplicity is the King of Kings

Let’s start by asking ourselves this question: How much do we want to do with our life? Or how much are you eager to achieve in a single life time?

The disparity of magnitudes of achievement is tremendous among different people. While a few may create billions worth of wealth, majority may or may not enjoy a substantially good balance between input and output – producing nothing major at all.

Why? Is Gates or Buffet’s millions times of your wisdom? Never. Are they millions times more capable than you? Not a chance.

Because they keep things simple. They go around all dispensable bells and whistles that provide little value, that barely contribute to your final goal, and yet that mediocrities stupidly love, get proud of and show off with. Instead, they do simple things that are just to the pragmatic point.

So is this blog post.

Suppose …

You are a php mysql programmer. You are planning to make a simple CMS for yourself to publish some content conveniently and efficiently to your website so that you may make some cash.

You have swiftly coded a simple login system. Useful, but not that necessary as there’s not many who know where your custom CMS is located. Gates may or may not skip this step – I don’t know. It’s security for God’s sake! Yes but you could also just resort to the Apache authentication instead of doing it yourself. Bells and whistles just come by seemingly undeniable reasons such as security which is actually not that *first priority* compared to your FINAL GOAL. It’s almost always an illusion that you need something instead of that you actually want it.

blah blah blah…

Now you’ve got everything ready in place to post content safely and quickly to your website. But instead of starting writing content right away, you are pondering about whether or not to add commenting for the visitors. Not that hard anyway and it’s absolutely a fancy feature as you were in 1995! So you got down to coding once again.

Now that visitors can comment, you will need one more database table for all of that. Thinking about what data fields it’s gonna house. That’s just routinely necessary, though not quite expected in the first place with an mere idea that have excited you, nothing outrageous to scratch the head about.

While you could simply fulfill the same task with just 2 fields, namely commentator name and the comment itself, you have gone too far by complicating the situation and adding a few more: email, URL, beautiful 5-star rating system and a threading mechanism. Yeah, well, they are all so edgy and perfect to fit in with each other that you can’t help but starting to compliment yourself. How sharp and creative you are! Only if the world knows your creation! Until of course, half a year later, you sadly discover that only 1 or 2 visiting guests left no more than 3 messages. And one of them is a complaint that you may consider attending a grammatical class in writing.

blah blah blah…

In the same time, you suddenly realized this is obviously presenting one more loopholes which malicious crackers may utilize to perform injections. Thus goes the anti-injection function to filter the input for malicious code.

It’s not long before you start to receive spams so you need to implement a spam protector mechanism. You spent an additional few days to code an image captcha but soon they are broken by OCR softwares and your system is vulnerable to spam attacks again.

So you have to code yet another module for you to approve comments manually.

Then you are tired of spending time in discriminating spams from legitimate comments therefore you decide to code yet another module to inspect and filter out the unwanted messages.

Then …

There you go…

It rarely adds up to the final results. Maybe a little bit, but unexpectedly limited.

Every extra functionality you append to the system, the complexity and possible future maintenance cost would soar exponentially. It’s the same with your life.

Everything takes time and that is the single most valuable asset in everybody’s life. Everything you are doing right now, you are paying time to do it and the opportunity cost to do something else that’s potentially a lot more constructive for fulfilling your goal and dream!

Keeping things simple will be the only solution.

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Infographic Video: History of the Internet

A rather evocative bit of infographic, though a little bit too abstract. Makes one wonder how people 1000 years from now would see the technology world we are right now.

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Kaizen – constant improvements or changes

Kaizen is the Japanese saying of continuous advancement. In Chinese, it roughly resembles one word: 改善.

Make a decision on what to do, focus your time and keep refining it. Rome is not built in one day and Kaizen is the way to create an Empire. Takes a long time but the results will be sweet.

I’d put it an enhanced version of change. There’s actually no such thing as perfect, despite being misguiding illusions, it incurs more waste than merits. Don’t just aim at them for the sake of being. People are crazy about being the first, the best or the biggest in simple magnitudes, neglecting either the cost-effectiveness or the realistic goals. Many attempt one or two times to be there, in a relatively short period of time, which would usually be in vain, and quit. They haven’t thought things through in the first place, let alone even if they made it to the top in a short span which is usually an indication that the industry is still in its infantry and those guys will soon be taken over by another who performs in the way of Kaizen, duly in time.

All successful businesses and ventures take tremendous time to incarnate themselves as something unbeatable because it’s practically built by time, a long long time which happens to be the ultimate economic barrier fending for Kaizen believers. The millions of mistakes they have made, the million improvements spread across the years, the million refinements they have accumulated through out the decades have provided the power they need to be at the top of the rest.

Start today, and keep going from there to something better tomorrow. Make an improvement each day and you will see a miracle in years.

Kavoir & Whatever

Let me forget everything for a while

I need to think, rethink and think it all over again about what I want happen in my career and business endeavors.

Is it money? Not rightly so but you can say that.

Is it happiness? Not ultimately.

Is it recognition? I don’t care – maybe a little, as I’m young and ambitious.

Is it creation and revolution? I might and it might.

What’s my point? I’ve no idea.