Kaizen — constant improvements or changes

Kaizen is the Japanese saying of continuous advancement. In Chinese, it roughly resembles one word: 改善.

Make a decision on what to do, focus your time and keep refining it. Rome is not built in one day and Kaizen is the way to create an Empire. Takes a long time but the results will be sweet.

I’d put it an enhanced version of change. There’s actually no such thing as perfect, despite being misguiding illusions, it incurs more waste than merits. Don’t just aim at them for the sake of being. People are crazy about being the first, the best or the biggest in simple magnitudes, neglecting either the cost-effectiveness or the realistic goals. Many attempt one or two times to be there, in a relatively short period of time, which would usually be in vain, and quit. They haven’t thought things through in the first place, let alone even if they made it to the top in a short span which is usually an indication that the industry is still in its infantry and those guys will soon be taken over by another who performs in the way of Kaizen, duly in time.

All successful businesses and ventures take tremendous time to incarnate themselves as something unbeatable because it’s practically built by time, a long long time which happens to be the ultimate economic barrier fending for Kaizen believers. The millions of mistakes they have made, the million improvements spread across the years, the million refinements they have accumulated through out the decades have provided the power they need to be at the top of the rest.

Start today, and keep going from there to something better tomorrow. Make an improvement each day and you will see a miracle in years.

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