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I’m a fan of Linode and recently as I was able to acquire 2 moderately decent domains for a free HTML hosting service, I decided to start offering free static website hosting on one of my Linode VPS servers.

In case any of you might be interested in opting in the alpha testing of Free HTML Hosting, feel free to comment on this post to get your free account! 😉

2 thoughts on “Free HTML website hosting service”

  1. Well, I found this on google trying to find a new web host for HTML, and would like to ask what this includes. I am trying to acquire 3 main features:
    Free Blog (can be embed onto the website homepage, optional)
    WILL NOT try to stop me from adding my javascript
    Lets me upload my graphics freely (this is very much optional)
    If this does, I will like to get a free account.

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