DreamHost Promo Codes, Coupons and Discount Codes for Cheap Web Hosting

Sign up with DreamHost using these promo codes

Update: You may want to read a more recent review of DreamHost.

DreamHost is definitely one of the best cheap web hosting companies in the world that answers to affordable but reliable hosting needs. Based at California, the Internet hub at the west coast of U.S., DreamHost comes armed with very unique hosting solutions for clients while the rest majority of the web hosting companies just repeat the same thing over and over again.

DreamHost is actually NOT some sort of hosting company who allures customers by dirt cheap prices that come with agonizing hosting performance and piss-poor support. Their normal pricing is actually above industry average. However, in order to make more people know their legendary hosting service, they have made a lot of coupons and promotional codes with a variety of discounts.

Supply one of the following coupon codes and you’ll get free extra gift AND / OR a cash discount when you sign up with the renowned affordable hosting provider DreamHost from here.

Breaking New Coupons! DreamHost Invitations!

They are super limited as it simply gives too much additional disk storage and monthly bandwidth!
They each can only be used once!
We were only given 5 and now there’s just 3 left. Hurry up and claim yours now!

dreamhost control panel

Exciting promo codes with astounding GIFTS and DISCOUNTS!


  • 1 extra FREE lifetime unique IP
  • $50 discount with all yearly plans


  • 75% discount with all plans


  • $75 discount with all yearly plans


  • 3 extra FREE lifetime domain registrations
  • $40 discount with all yearly plans


  • 100% bonus to the disk storage


  • 100% bonus to the monthly bandwidth


  • 5 extra FREE lifetime domain registrations


  • 3 extra FREE lifetime unique IP


  • 20% bonus to the disk space
  • 20% bonus to the monthly bandwidth
  • 2 extra FREE lifetime domain registrations
  • 1 extra FREE lifetime unique IPs


  • 50% bonus to the disk space
  • 50% bonus to the monthly bandwidth


  • 6 extra FREE lifetime domain registrations


  • 3 extra FREE lifetime domain registrations
  • 1 extra FREE lifetime unique IP


  • $15 discount with all yearly plans
  • 2 extra FREE lifetime domain registrations
  • 1 extra FREE lifetime unique IP

What can you do with their cheap but reliable hosting services?

Email Hosting: Now DreamHost offers one-click integration with Google Apps(email, calendar and documents hosting) which hosts Gmail on your own domains. Just seamlessly set it up from their industry renowned control panel. God, this is so adorable as you can finally own an instant company intranet and set up a family email hosting site!

Web Site Hosting / Domain Hosting: You can host unlimited web sites (domains) with a single DreamHost account. Yep, unlimited domains hosting.

Dedicated Hosting / Colocation Hosting: Other than shared hosting, these coupon codes also qualify DreamHost dedicated offerings such as dedicated servers, VPS or virtual private servers, colocation hosting.

Image Hosting / Album Hosting / Photo Hosting: Flickr and Google photos are definitely good choices but with DreamHost your hosting for images just make it a lot cheaper. And it’s under your full control!

File Hosting / FTP Hosting: DreamHost is pretty generous with loads of storage (more than 5GB) and monthly bandwidth (more than 5TB = 5000GB), so you can make it a huge file hosting spot if you’d like, for yourself or for others!

Video Hosting / Media Streaming Hosting: Wanna make your own video hosting site! DreamHost is definitely your choice! They have made available 2 options for video / multi-media hosting needs: 1). Flash Media which makes it easy to upload your video and then the server automatically convert them to Flash files that’s just like YouTube. 2). Media Streaming server functionalities which enables you to configure and set up your own Real media streaming service server – this is even available to shared hosting users!

Adult Hosting: DreamHost definitely allows adult hosting however you may not use the hosting bill donation button that would be available to other hosting users.

Ecommerce Hosting / Web Store Hosting: Got make an online store? A ecommerce checkout site? Business hosting in no hassle? No problem. DreamHost has thought through everything you need and made ecommerce solution just a click away. In the one-click install section of their patented control panel, various ecommerce sites are ready to serve your needs.

Blog Hosting / WordPress Hosting: Ahh this is just the cup of tea. DreamHost has WordPress, the one blogging platform ready at your finger, it is even come with a whole package of 50 free themes you can choose from.

Forums Hosting: While you can easily install your own forums software such as SMF and vBulletin, DreamHost has also made phpBB, the one OS forums php script, available in their one-click installs. Just proceed and you’ll own your own professional forums in 3 minutes!

Database Hosting: DreamHost provides MySQL5 database hosting that comes with unlimited number of databases in all plans including shared plans!

Use the code like this!

Just provide one of the above promo codes at your choice in the box shown below when signing up with DreamHost.

provide your dreamhost promo code in the box

Sign up with DreamHost using these promo codes

Basic features everyone gets!

In addition to these insanely generous special promo code offers, no matter what code you choose to sign up with, you will also receive:

  • Disk Storage at signup = 500GB, which is automatically increased weekly by 2GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth at signup = 5.0TB, which is automatically increased weekly by 40GB
  • Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases
  • Unlimited POP3 / IMAP E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited Full FTP / Shell Users
  • 1 Lifetime Free Domain Registration
  • Unlimited Domains / Subdomains Hosted
  • Fully Custom DNS
  • PHP 4 / PHP 5 both Available
  • Full Unix Shell / Crontab Access / Full CGI Access
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SSI, CVS Repository, Subversion, …
  • Anonymous FTP User (req. Unique IP)
  • Jabber Chat Server
  • One-click Installs of Top Notch Web Softwares
  • ……

Check out the community!

Moreover, as a rather mature company, DreamHost opens up for your convenience and trust:

Wanna a green website that does no harm to global environment?

DreamHost has gone green, so your website will do no harm to the global environment if you host it with DH. Check it out here!
dreamhost coupon codes for bargain buys

Other Hosting Options: Use referral code (Reveal Code) at Mosso.com to qualify for an immediate discount of $25 off the first month. More information about Mosso and this coupon code.

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