Colorful Linux Bash Console by .alias and .bash_profile

At Dreamhost, we are all granted unlimited number of accounts for SSH access to the servers. The default console setting is a monochromatic one just like that in the old DOS style that it sores the eyes to look through the lines for something. Read their wiki the other day and found it’s possible to reconfigure the color scheme to ease of console operations.

.alias and .bash_profile are the 2 basic console configuration files located at your home directory, hidden by default, and you have to use ‘ls -a’ to get them in sight. Download them via FTP and add a line:

alias ls 'ls --color=auto'

at the end of the file .alias, and add a line:

alias lsl='ls --color'

to the end of .bash_profile. Upload and replace the old ones on your server with them. Now you are blessed with a colorful console with the command ‘lsl -o‘, just like the one I have:



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