Rackspace Cloud $50 Promo Code (Coupon Code for Cloud Servers Discount)

mosso, now rackspace cloud promotion codeBad News: Partners program manager of Rackspace Cloud, Kenard Horsley informed me via email that they have made the decision to end the $25 discount for Cloud Sites on 18th, March (2010) and instead focus on Cloud Servers promotion. The promo code (Promo Code ID=134) will be effectively invalidated by then. The Promo or Referral Code box in the sign-up form will also be gone. So act now and save $25 by entering the promo code (Promo Code ID=134) when you still can!

Claim Promo Code (ID=134) at RackspaceCloud.com »

Important Note: We have confirmed it with Rackspace Cloud referral manager that any of the previously released hosting coupons claiming to offer more than $25 rebate such as $50 or $75 are outdated and have been invalidated. The highest discount you can get right now by signing up with their Cloud Sites plan is $25, which you can get by the promo code: (Promo Code ID=134).

As a Rackspace company, Rackspace Cloud (previously Mosso) is known for their devoted support and cutting edge cloud hosting (cloud computing) technology. Backed by vast managed dedicated hosting practice, their infrastructure and network are simply best of the best. Though the managed Cloud Sites hosting plan that begins at $149 / month is far from cheap and not meant for start-up webmasters and companies, it’s definitely worth a try to have your online business ensured with the Cloud.

Premium Rackspace Cloud Promo Codes

To get $25 off the first month bill ($25 rebate / refund to credit card at the end of the month), use this permanent Rackspace Cloud promo code (Mosso promotion code):

(Promo ID=134) click to activate

As a discount code or referral code when signing up. Just supply it in the text box of Promo or Referral Code when you are entering the ordering details.

What’s best with Rackspace Cloud?

Other than the cloud infrastructure, the best part of Rackspace Cloud, which makes them rather unique across the industry, is that you get to choose Windows or Linux hosting for each of your domains from the control panel. You can literally have one site hosted on Windows system and another on Linux servers. Or one on .NET platforms and another powered by PHP + MySQL.

There you go, 1 account, 2 types of distinguished platforms!

Fanatical Support ™

All products and services by Rackspace Cloud comes automatically with the industry renowned Fanatical Support of Rackspace. Seriously, what better support can you expect?

The only monthly subscription based hosting provider

In addition, they have only monthly plans in instead of yearly contracts commonly seen from other hosting providers who try the best to lock and keep you with them. Rackspace Cloud, on the other hand, doesn’t have yearly or even quarterly billing in the first place.

Why does Rackspace Cloud give you such unprecedented latitude in choosing freely? Because they are confident that their supreme support and outstanding proficiency in hosting will keep you going with them month after month, voluntarily. They keep you by extraordinary service.

Because of such short-term contract and no long-term commitment discount, you have the ability to leave them whenever you want. Only a really good host has the guts to offer that.

The New Rackspace Cloud Control Panel

Rackspace Cloud’s got one of the finest proprietary control panels in the entire industry. Their commitment to the details of user experience makes their hosting products plain sexy:

rackspace cloud control panel

Login: while you can still log into the CP via this legacy Mosso URL, the new one is this: http://manage.rackspacecloud.com which I hate.

A few Rackspace Cloud reviews by customers

From what I’ve read thus far, Rackspace Cloud is a very good web hosting company offering solid deals. Although a few minor things do go wrong sometimes, with 24 / 7 fantastic support, they are generally business worthy. Below are some reviews I found. They were written some time ago so things may have changed since then:

  1. This is a pretty new one recently launched: Rackspace Cloud Review
  2. http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=582020
  3. http://www.jhuskisson.com/hosting/10-things-i-love-about-mosso-web-hosting, also read the comments.

One more tip, that don’t trust independent web hosting review sites. Go with WHT and do a search there for any hosting provider you want to know more about. You will find lots of good things as well as bad things about any particular host.

Claim Promo Code (ID=134) at RackspaceCloud.com »

Also don’t forget the discounts you can get by using this premium Rackspace Cloud coupon code (Mosso coupon promocode):

(Promo ID=134) click to activate

To qualify for an instant promotional discount of $25 (rebate to credit card after payment within 2 weeks) and get a real hosting bargain when signing up at Rackspace Cloud. Referral codes should be entered in the Promo or Referral Code box.

About Cloud Hosting (or Clustered Hosting): Not sure what cloud hosting is and its unparalleled benefits for businesses big or small?

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  5. Been with them for half a year now. If there’s just one company who’s able to hold up their promises of support, it’s Rackspace.

    The servers and website performance are great too, you can actually feel that you are hosted on a undersold server, everything’s super fast. The only downside is the pricing – it’s not that much of a bargain considering the computing cycles – you can otherwise get a very decent unmanaged dedicated server with 100 bucks. But still, you get what you pay for. It’s a well managed hosting package that you need not worry about yourself. If you value your time more than a few extra bucks, you will not regret going with them.

    4.5/5 stars and highly recommended.

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  7. They are putting the promotions offline next month. The deal of $25 discount for Cloud Sites will be ended on 18th, March, 2010. So if there’s anyone who’s still hesitating to sign up with them, my suggestion is that you grab this deal immediately by using the promo code:

    (Mysterious Promo Code)

    Will write a post detailing the message addressed to me by Rackspace Cloud affiliate manager. Basically, there will be no more discounts for any of their plans and they will remove the Referral or Promo Code field from the sign-up form completely after March 18th, 2010.

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