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dreamhost appsDreamHost is soon going to be offering absolutely free WordPress hosting! It comes with all possible managed features and with Google Apps pre-installed with your chosen domain — which can be or your own top level .com.

Actually there’s more than just WordPress. With every free hosting account, you have WordPress, Drupal, ZenPhoto, phpBB, MediaWiki and Google Apps automatically installed for you on your chosen domain. All free! So there you go, a total package for free wordpress hosting, free drupal hosting, free phpbb hosting and free mediawiki hosting!

Whenever a new version of the apps listed above comes out, they would automatically update for you at a click of a button.

Also if you have ever wondered how to get the renowned free Google Apps hosting without buying your own top level web domain, DreamHost Apps is the way.

It’s rather hot right now. Immediately go grab an beta account now and make sure you provide one of these invitation codes (the 1st comment by Brett) before they run out because each of them can only be applied once!

If the apps free hosting goes out which it might very probably does now, you can still get one for free by becoming a DreamHost user, grab a promo code here for your signup to get a 60%+ discount.

I will inform you once it gets out of beta so everyone can come and enjoy the completely free feast of hosting!

Extra dishes

  1. Read my detailed review of DreamHost.
  2. Use one of the invitation codes here to sign up at DreamHost to get 4 times the normal monthly transfer and storage.
  3. Use one of the promo codes to sign up at DreamHost to get over 60% discounts.

4 thoughts on “Free WordPress Hosting and Much More – DreamHost Apps Free Hosting Invitation”

  1. I was so exited about this free hosting service ,but after i signed up i found i don’t have acces to ftp on this service.With other word in wordpress for example you can not upload themes and plugins at al.Drupal have some contributed themes without ftp conection.This new service in my opinion it is absolutelly useless.

  2. How can I get this offer? Whats the promo code?

    I tried registering and I am being charged for the full price!

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