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Bulk Domain Name Availability Checker Tool to Batch Search Available Domains

dynadot bulk domain checkerSomeone asks me via contact form how to check potentially hundreds of domains for availability at once, as it’d be a huge waste of time to check them one by one. For example, when you need to check if these 50 domain names are still register-able:,,, … and so forth, you need a bulk search tool for available domains.

While an AJAX whois tool gives instant results for all major TLDs, a bulk domain name search tool queries for the availability of all the domains at once in larger volumes that’s preferably no less than 100 in a batch.

Dynadot free bulk domain search is just the tool you need in a situation like this. You can generate a list of most wanted domains, in 100, and input them batch by batch to their domain bulk checker.

Register an account at Dynadot, head to: Domain Names –> Bulk Search and you should be able to check 100 domains at a time.

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I really need such wise tools for PC, laptop, even for my iPhone, anyone can recommend ?

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