Linking back to start a war!

While there’s a positive backlink without rel=”nofollow” on an ordinary a tag that adds favorable link juice for the linked site,  and there’s a neutral backlink with rel=”nofollow” that does nothing other than sending some clicking traffic, there should also be a negative backlink that’s meant to be in attacking position to the linked site, representing a vote down to the linked site thus its search engine positions.

In a case such as this, people would generally want to link back to the bad guys for the sake of story but wouldn’t want the fight to benefit them in any way and boost their search engine rankings. Instead, Google could introduce a new attribute tag like rel=”hell” or rel=”condemned” or rel=”evil” to accomplish such task.

Imagine people starting to bitch about each other and fighting back and forth with all these sorts of negative backlinks and big guys with strong networks of web presence defaming people who they don’t like.

Isn’t this hilarious! 😀

2 thoughts on “Linking back to start a war!”

  1. Oh I have many sites to condemn,

    Although, this will still deliver click traffic to the site because the link will be on your site.

    It would be better to have a “Digg” ranking system for each result, there users can condemn the sites themselves.

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