A simple business web template with PHP contact form

The other day I created a simple website template in PHP for one of my friends and he eventually decided that he’s not going to need the website any more so I’m releasing it here for just $2.5 a copy. You are free to use it on any sites that you own.

Just purchase it at here: http://www.winkcart.com/store/phpscripts/foo-business-website-template/ and use the coupon code: SPECIAL5 to claim the $5 discount. You will be immediately downloading the template after paying via PayPal. Totally automatic.

I wanted to set up a demo for this template but it only works in the root directory of the domain so I’m going to save the trouble. If you decide that you don’t like it after paying and downloading, just let me know via the contact from on the sales page and I’ll issue the refund. No questions asked. 😉

Update: We have also a business directory script and a contact form script readily to be deployed to your website. Very easy to use and install.

2 thoughts on “A simple business web template with PHP contact form”

  1. Wow! Just $2.5.
    But it’s not free, right? Look around, nothing is free here. Should you update the category name to “Cheap Web Templates”?

    Initially, I thought I found a nice website. Then I found hidden AD anywhere. No blame – everyone like money 🙂

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